Monday, January 17, 2011

Curly Girly

Lately, I've been on the quest for perfect hair, but I don't need it to be silky straight or huge and voluminous. I love the look of big, loose, sometimes messy supermodel curls. I found a great tutorial via famous beauty video blogger JuicyStar07 and went out to buy a 1.5 inch Conair curling iron on the mission to learn how!
I just like the shift from slick straight, ironed hair and something that looks a little more natural:

It's been a lot of wasted hairspray & trial and error but I think I'm finally starting to achieve the look I want! This was an attempt before a recent girl's night out.
How do you like to wear your hair?

xoxo, lauren


Panty Buns said...

Your hair looks lovely and so does the lacy blouse you are wearing in the photo. My hair is naturally curly and I blow dry it straight. I have an old Ava Gabor wig, but need a new one. Be careful with that curling iron. Do you ever use rollers? I used to use some really big rollers when my hair was long.

Alicia said...

OOh thanks for linking this tutorial - I will definitely be taking some tips! I have naturally curly / wavy hair but I usually use a curling iron for extra bounce!

Leia said...

Your hair looks really pretty like that! Mine is naturally curly but it looks much more messy than the curls all these photos, haha

A La Mode et Plus! said...

Your hair looks great here! I wish I could get my stick-straight hair to hold a curl for more than 5 seconds but it is just not meant to be!

Anonymous said...

You know what, the other day on a whim, I did a quick upside-down blow dry, and then plugged in the curling iron and focused on the lower half of my hair. I spent about ten minutes adding a little curl, did some crazy hair spray/upside-down head shaking and voila, sexy, curly, voluminous hair. I love that it was so fast and easy! I'm embracing my naturally wavy/kind of curly hair, and I like it!

Elle Enchanted said...

Looks great, the last time I curled my hair it wilted by the end of the night! My hair is naturally a thick curly mess and is currently short with layers so I prefer it straightened with the ends tucked under.

BASIIK said...

I love this look too. The 2nd photo is perfection. I can't wait until my hair gets longer. One of my favorite bloggers has great hair tutorials for everything you can think of:

lisa said...

Pretty! I'm pretty much hairstyling-challenged and afraid of burning myself with a curling iron. Little braids, a bun, and a ponytail are the extent of my styling repertoire.

Lex said...

My hair is super straight so i usually do nothing and go with the straight look. If I am feeling really ambitious i will curl my hair. I love really messy curls.

Cupcakes and Cosmopolitans said...

I love this look, it is most favorite hair style ever. It seems effortless, && just chic/you don't care.


Sarah said...

I have stick straight hair and those pictures remind me of how I used to try to style my hair before I chopped it short before Christmas. It makes me miss my long hair! I think loose curls are just so pretty.

Your hair looks great, and I also love the earrings you're wearing!

Petite Chic[k] said...

I love your hair! Mine is naturally wavy, so usually I straighten it, but if I have more time, and my hair is wavier than usual, then I'll curl it. I have a 3/4 inch iron, but I'd like to get a bigger barrel so I can do looser curls.

Sarah said...

I absolutely love tossled curls! Its so pretty =)


I am a huge fan of the wave and you did a fantastic job on your hair. Gorgeous!

Sherin said...

My hair is mainly really curly, so I like wearing it straignt occassionally

The curls really suit you!! The whole hair style looks amazing on you!

ediot said...

you look so cute darling. i LOVE curls. but I can't seem to make curls stay curly in my fine hair- which sucks.. wish i could.
hope you're having a great week


Syrious said...

i love the girls with curly hair!!
they look adorable!!!
sweet italian kisses
hope you'll follow me back too

Yvette said...

i love curls, gorgeous pictures!


bee.marie said...

Have you tried curling it with a straightener? I found its easier than a curling iron. I have naturally curly hair but sometimes I want bigger curls and this does the trick better and faster than a curling iron!

Glucosamine said...

great hair style. really helpful for the girls needed the curly hair makeup.

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