Sunday, February 13, 2011

20x200: Art for Poor College Students

20x200 is a project by Jen Bekman where artists are selected to have their work printed in limited editions for as inexpensively as $20, a price even we poor college students (& young adults) can afford! I love that it's an opportunity to support independent artists and own a piece of totally unique artwork for your walls.
They release new prints every week, but these are a few of my favorites currently in the gallery:
Ideal Bookshelf 101: Robert Verdi by Jane Mount

YES (You Complete the Picture) by Trey Speegle
Chocolate Electric by Martha Rich
Get Excited and Make Things by Matt Jones
Vogue: May 2010 (p. 70)  List of Contributors by Lauren DiCioccio

Do you have any art up on the walls of your apartment/dorm/house?

xoxo, lauren


The Aly Way said...

I love the ideal bookshelf one. So cute!

the classic case said...

OMG this is so appreciated! I've lived in my apartment for 6 months and my walls are still embarrassingly bare.

Lindsay said...

LOVE these. I went on the site to check out what else they had and everything is great. I'll definitely be ordering one of these. Thanks for sharing!

letitbeme26 said...

Wow! I love these, they are such a great way to decorate with real art on a small budget. Also, I came to realize one of the artists you chose, Martha Rich, is actually a family friend! Small world, huh?
Learning to Be Me

Maddy said...

oh wow, I love the cake and the books... and the one about making things, I think my bf would love that one too (he's an engineering major). I love that they're so inexpensive!!

I have some art, I bought a few old maps off etsy last year when we were moving to Gainesville. I try to collect things here and there from goodwills/etsy ;)

Blair said...

These are great! I need some more artwork for my place and these might just do the trick! I used this idea behind my couch and it works fabulously:

~Blair said...

I have a 20x200 print that my bf randomly surprised me with. It's currently part of my "gallery" aka a wall covered in pictures in my studio apartment's "kitchen"

Allison said...

I LOVE these! I have respect for any company that makes art accessible for everyone, no matter what budget.
Right now my art consists of an "inspiration board" - aka a corkboard with cutouts of all the things I love. I can't wait to have my own space!
Last year in our apartment, my friends and I hung a bunch of different sized mirrors, and frames with wallpaper inside that we spraypainted black. It was actually very chic and SUPER inexpensive (even though it was not so inexpensive when we had to pay the fines for all the holes in the wall!).
Great post as always, girl! xox

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Super cute! I love all of these. I need more art for my walls. I have a few black and white tree photos but that's about it :/

Alicia said...

Oh I love this!

Laura said...

LOVE the first and second! My favorite piece of art is a large wall painting of Paris. Mostly black and white, with just the eiffel tower in color.

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