Friday, February 11, 2011


While working on a project where we have to create our own store (our's is a children's boutique) for a retailing class I stumbled upon the site. It's a site full of street style images of adorably dressed kiddies. I alway love the J. Crew crewcuts lookbooks, but this is a whole other level of cuteness!

 Kids fashion is so fun because they can pull off crazy colors, mixing patterns, and kitschy accessories.
I always appreciated that my parents let me dress myself when I was a kid, I only wish I was as stylish as these little ones:
My roommate always jokingly says when she has kids they're going to wear nothing but oshkosh overalls till they're two.I'm probably going to dress mine in crazy cute fashion getups.

What do you think of the minihipsters?

xoxo, Lauren


Cupcakes and Cosmopolitans said...

OMG, this is so cute! It makes me almost think about having kids. Okay, not really. But this is adorable. I love having my nephews round, I dress them so cute. I want the 4th baby.


Maddy said...

tutus and t shirts?! hopefully i'll have little girls some day to dress like that. The last "little hipster" is my favorite.. she is adorable AND looks super chic.

jazzyphizz said...

This has to be the cutest website ever! These kids are dressed so cute! This makes me want kids so bad lol

Lindsay said...

Love it! I cringe when I see the clothes kids wear these days. Enough character tees! My kids will totally be mini-hipsters!

Sherin said...

Oohh, awwwwwwwwww. They are too adorable for words. I'm going to make sure my kids are stylish. I love the last little grl in the red coat.

Leia said...

The mini hipsters are incredibly cute! I have no idea how I'm going to dress my kids, maybe I'll let them pick and dress themselves and hope they turn out stylish! ;)


Lani said...

If I had a girl she would probably dress like the girl in red and if a boy (he'll so have a mohawk) he'll probably look like the second to last kid.

Kimberlee said...

haha so cute! I wish my parents dressed me cuter when I was little. Now I'm on a mission to dress my nephews super cute, but my sister is kind of getting in the way haha. She likes the preppy look and I want to put them in skulls :p

Sadie K said...

Ah these kids are sooo cute!! The first little girl is my fave... she's a proper little fashionista in the making :)

Audrey Allure said...

I think they are absolutely adorable!

ediot said...

haha- what a strange , but cute site. thanks for letting me know.
hope you're having a wonderful weekend


Blair said...

What a funny site! Thanks for sharing and for commenting on my blog! Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Oh how cute is that said...

This is by far the cutest thing I've ever seen!

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