Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pucci's Psychadelic Feminimity

I've safely arrived in Wisconsin and I've spent the last 2 days with my parents unpacking dozens of boxes, building ikea furniture, and learning how to shovel snow. So, things have been a total whirlwind, but slowly but surely falling into place!
I finally have had some time to look through the Fall/Winter 2011 runway shows and found another favorite in Emilio Pucci's collection; all of the garments are seriously stunning!
Inspired by Emilio Pucci
Peter Dundas, the designer for Pucci knows how to flatter a feminine silhouette like no one else! I love the unique placement of cutouts in the dresses and squared off necklines, keep your eyes peeled for that trending!

xoxo, lauren


MizzJ said...

Love that second dress with the lace detailing!

Sherin said...

Hope you're settling in ok! Love this collection. The blouse in the first picture is a classic.

bee.marie said...

Love the cutouts!! Have a fabulous time in the least spring is just right around the corner! I just spent a week in Boston and it wasn't half bad in the cold.

BASIIK said...

Such the ultimate feminine collection.

Allison said...

Dundas has a remarkable understanding of what is flattering on the female body! It always amazes me when a man can make clothes that understand the female form so much -- each of these designs is absolutely gorgeous.
So glad you're settling in to your adorable new house, dear Lauren! Have a great rest of your weekend <3

~k said...

I actually really like the first look. Those tailored pants and sheer blouse are very chic!

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