Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hair Bows, Sequins & Motorcycle Boots

Right as the weather is starting to warm up I'm just finally figuring out how to start layer my cold weather clothes! I love this cardigan because it's super warm and cozy (wool fiber content) & such a bright pop of color! It certainly brigtens up any outfit (plus it matched my adorable bow; a birthday gift from one of my fashionista friends).
Have you been sporting spring-y colors in your winter wardrobe too?

xoxo, lauren


Leia said...

You look so adorable Lauren! Love the bow, the turquoise cardi, and the sequin skirt! Right now I'm wearing black & white which isn't very spring-like, but maybe I'll bust out the florals tomorrow :)

Sherin said...

You look so pretty! I think your make up looks amazing.
I've been starting to wear some Springy colours. Yay for warm weather.

BASIIK said...

Very cute! I have a very similar cashmere sweater that I'm thinking I should wear now!

Petite Chic[k] said...

Love the skirt! I'm really into big bows too, especially on headbands, they just dress up a simple look. I've definitely been embracing the warmer weather and wearing springy dresses and skirts.

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