Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Higher the Hair the Closer to Heaven

I feel like "big hair" gets a bad rap. It gives people get flashbacks of 80's hair bands or Texas beauty pageants, but I am totally ready to bring it back. Of course in a different way; a little less hairspray, and teasing; no helmet head effect! This Allure editoral does it perfectly; super volumized and a little tousled; total bombshell.
There are a few beauty tools needed to get the big hair look:
Would you ever rock a big hair style?
xoxo, lauren


Hallie said...

I saw this spread in Allure and loved it -- I have baby-fine, limp hair, so I have big hair ENVY! Will def be checking out these products!

-Hallie :)

Maddy said...

I love big hair, maybe because I'm from Jersey :) But I say the bigger, the better!

Lauren said...

i love big hair - i always like a lot of volume in my hair!

Kimberlee said...

Yes!!! I loved this spread ;)


Love me some big hair!!

BASIIK said...

Yes! I love big hair lately!

MizzJ said...

So long as it's not Snooki-esque, I say go for it! I totally have big hair envy as my fine locks never reach for the sky.

Laura said...

These ladies pull off the big hair so well!!

GorJess Fashion For Less said...

I loved this Allure spread! I have super thick hair so even when I don't try I end up with hair like this!

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