Monday, March 14, 2011

L.P.F.'s Latest Lusts: March 2011

So today's officially my twenty-second birthday! I'm happy to start the big 22 off in a place I never would have expected had you asked me last year at this time. I'm so unbelievably excited to be pursuing my fashion career and seeing where life takes me!
LPF's: Latest Lusts [March 2011]
Spring fashion has been on the mind lately. Some of the things I'm digging are:
  • Silk Blazers: perfectly unstructured and casual for spring
  • Colorful Scarves: the easiest way to dress up a basic tee
  • Fresh Flowers: it's an instant pick-me-up seeing them in my house
  • O.P.I. Texas Collection: so many unique colors inspired by the Lone Star state
  • Straw Fedora: for those days you don't feel like doing your hair
  • Backless Dresses: love the element of surprise with a basic front & scoop back
  • Strappy Wedges: super comfy w/ a unique spin in bright spring shades
I'm tempted to buy those wedges as a birthday present to myself! From the teal color to the strappy style, they pretty much scream "me"!

What are you loving lately?

xoxo, lauren


Bostonista said...

I'm loving straw fedoras right now too! I have like 5 at the moment! lol

Sherin said...

Haappy Birthday!! Hope you have an amazing day.
I love strappy wedges as well. They're a lovely summer look.

Lauren said...

I am loving breezy tops and linen pants at the moment!

lisa said...

I bought a straw fedora two summers ago to dabble in the trend, but didn't factor in the fact that I usually have my hair in a ponytail and I don't like the feeling of hats on my head. Oops.

Ashley said...

I just recently saw the OPI Texas collection!
the names are sooo clever (as are all OPI names though) i.e. Austin-tatious Turquoise, Houston We Have a Purple, San Tan-tonio. haha

I think my favorite OPI colors of all time though are Done Out in Deco & Lincoln Park After Dark.

random question: do you know anyone in Wisconsin, or did you just venture out there alone? sorry if you mentioned this before in a post, but I was just wondering.

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday girl! Hope it is amazing! Love all your lusts too!

the classic case said...

Happy birthday, love!

Leia said...

Happy happy happy birthday Lauren!

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