Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Q+A for You+Me

I saw this Q+A (w/ Alexa Chung) via the Classic Case and loved the idea of reading everyone else's responses so much I wanted to it for my own blog!
Here are my answers:
1. Guilty Pleasure: Snail mail letters, southern accents, pina coladas
2. Candy Bar: Kinder Bueno bars (though haven't had one since London)
3. House Plant: I've been buying fresh flowers for my house lately!
4. Nail Polish Color: Silvery lavender, teal blue, taupe
5. Midnight Snack: a bowl of Reese's Puffs cereal
6. Drugstore Essential: Burts Bees chapstick & fiji water
7. Weird Habits: Saying "y'all" like no one's business!
8. Pet Peeve: lying, when girls complain that they look fat, being sold out of my size

Now, leave me your answers pretty please! I love getting to know who's reading my blog :)

xoxo, lauren


courtney. said...

1. Guilty Pleasure: Half and half, leopard print, red velvet cupcakes
2. Candy Bar: Cadbury chocolate bars. The only kind I eat!
3. House Plant: I'm a sucker for roses!
4. Nail Polish Color: Lavender, powder pink, hot pink
5. Midnight Snack: Easy Mac and Oreos!
6. Drugstore Essential: Arizona $.99 tea and Great Lash Mascara
7. Weird Habits: I have a really long tongue. Kinda like a lizard, I think.
8. Pet Peeve: Being late and strong perfume!

I love Southern accents too! I live in Maryland, and whenever we go down for vacation, I try to pick up on the twang. I'm obsessed!

<3, Courtney

Anonymous said...

1. Guilty Pleasure: Midnight doughnut runs...Five Guys, Jersey Shore
2. Candy Bar: York peppermint patties!
3. House Plant: Cactus
4. Nail Polish Color: "Mudslide", essentially plum
5. Midnight Snack: Frosted mini wheats if we don't have any cookies lying around
6. Drugstore Essential: Arnold Palmers, Sally Hansen nail polish
7. Weird Habits: Repeating stories and cursing like a sailor unnecessarily :/
8. Pet Peeve: Public Displays of Affection

Brittany Leann said...

Guilty Pleasure: Romance Novels, Lemon Cupcakes, Jersey Shore.
Candy Bar: Twix
House Plant: African grass, I cannot remember the actual name but it starts out green and turns purple as it matures.
Nail Polish: Teal, Pale Pink, Lavender.
Midnight Snack: Chicken flavored Ramen Noodles
Drugstore Essential: Smart Water and Aquafina Grape Chapstick.
Weird Habits: Saying Italian phrases in normal conversation with a thick southern accent. I was born into an Italian family in the middle of Georgia.
Pet Peeve: Bad Manners, Liars, People who drive at the minimum limit on the interstate.

goodbadnfab said...

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lacivertojelik─▒z. said...

1. Guilty Pleasure: Macarons! I can eat them 'till I explode. Yummy!
2. Candy Bar: Does Maltesers count? Yeyy... :)
3. House Plant: Basilicum, always, forever :p
4. Nail Polish Color: Dark blue
5. Midnight Snack: Grilled Cheese & Olives. Simply Mediterranean love.
6. Drugstore Essential: Anything from John Frieda Sheer Blonde
7. Weird Habits: Nutella on green apples. Love it.
8. Pet Peeve: People, not even trying to understand the others but talking & insisting on a topic without knowledge. I can kill them.

aand btw, it's my blog:

If you'd like, please visit & follow :))

Sherin said...

Loved reading this! I love getting snail mail as well.
Here are mine:
1. trashy 'horror' movies. You know: the ones with no actual storyline.
2. Time Out's.
3. Cactus
4. Plum
5. Nutella, wth a spoon
6. Rimmel eyeliner
7. Making funny faces
8. People walking slowly.

Lauren said...

1. Guilty Pleasure: Bravo reality tv, eating PB out the jar
2. Candy Bar: Sweeteeth Sea salted caramel
3. House Plant: wildflower bouquets
4. Nail Polish Color: mint green, gold, orange
5. Midnight Snack: cereal
6. Drugstore Essential: burts bees and diet coke
7. Weird Habits: speaking in british accents randomly
8. Pet Peeve: vainness, shedding

Leslie said...

guilty pleasure: Reality TV, from Rock of Love (yes, really) to Bethenny, I love it all.
candy bar: Butterfinger, nommm
houseplant: An orchid!
nailpolish color: Currently obsessed with essie's turquoise and caicos.
midnight snack: Chocolate or kettle chips.
drugstore essential: St. Ives lotion
weird habits: I have to keep my closet door closed to sleep!
pet peeve: mean people! people who lick their fingers after they eat, monotone, the list could go on!

MizzJ said...

Hehe so fun! Mm those Bueno bars are so good!

1. Guilty Pleasure: ice cream anything, poutine
2. Candy Bar: Twix and Wunderbar!
3. House Plant: Some sort of fern or other type of unkillable plant
4. Nail Polish Color: Really into baby pinks and dark purples right now
5. Midnight Snack: Pho!
6. Drugstore Essential: Covergirl Lash Blast, lip balm
7. Weird Habits: my habits aren't weird to me :)
8. Pet Peeve: Stupid people

BASIIK said...

1. Guilty Pleasure: the DIY network, awful pop songs
2. Candy Bar: Twix or Dove milk chocolate
3. House Plant: Sunflowers & bamboo
4. Nail Polish Color: I love a nice taupe or just a clear shine finish on a naked nail
5. Midnight Snack: cookies, candy, fast food. I eat a lot at night!
6. Drugstore Essential: candy!
7. Weird Habits: Randomly breaking into dance (especially at work)
8. Pet Peeve: slow anything; drivers, walkers, talkers, etc.

Allison said...

1. Guilty Pleasure: Reality television, cupcakes, daily Starbucks runs
2. Candy bar: Dark chocolate Milky Way
3. House Plant: Geranium; Potted palm
4. Nail Polish Color: Turquoise; gray; any type of purple (quite the variety!)
5. Midnight snack: None. (I don't eat after 10 p.m., I'm so bor-ing!).
6. Drugstore Essential: White strips; gum; Diet Coke
7. Weird Habits: Brushing teeth 10x a day (at least); lip biting
8. Pet Peeve: People who pull food off forks with their teeth; slow walkers; Napoleon complexes (I really could go on and on).

This is so fun, Lauren!

Kimberlee said...

This is cute! Love me some Reese's cereal :)

Faith J. said...

Guilty pleasure: zombie movies and video games
Candy bar: Hershey's chocolate
House plant: none, I always end up killing them
Nail polish: I have a weakness for corals and taupes
Midnight snack: it's rare, but when I do have one, it's chunky peanut butter on a piece of bread!
Drugstore essential: Neutrogena Healthy Skin face cleanser
Pet peeves: when people crack their knuckles, and aggressive-fast drivers

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