Monday, April 25, 2011

Kate Middleton: Fashion Royalty

   I'm not sure why, but there's something so hopelessly romantic about Prince William & Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding. Sure, it's a lot of pomp and circumstance, but all the tradition and beautiful dress and ceremony are like a fairytale. I think it's something that people are really getting wrapped up it seems to be like an escape in all the serious things going on in the world right now.
Kate Middleton is certainly going to be a style icon across the world. With all eyes on what she's wearing right now, she hasn't disappointed. My favorite part of her style are the quirky headbands, which I learned are called "fascinators", feather headpieces, and unique hats. They really are outfit completers, and I'm sure it'll have a trickle down effect in the fashion world!

These are some of my favorite Kate Middleton inspired head pieces:
Steal Her Style: Kate Middleton's Hats
Will you be watching the Royal Wedding on April 29th?

xoxo, lauren


Brittany Leann said...

I love that Kate has the ability to take something like a fascinator and wear it in her everyday fashion choices. I have always associated them with weddings. I wore one with a small blusher attached in my wedding instead of a traditional veil. I agree that she will definitely be a big influence in the years to come.

I will also be one of those crazy people waking up at the early hours of the morning to watch the wedding. I am dying to see her dress.

MizzJ said...

Damn that girl sure knows how to rock the color blue! She is gorgeous.

Faye said...

ill be playing the royal wedding drinking game in london!
Can't wait!
love your blog as always
Much love!


Hannah said...

I love that you blogged about this. I have major royal wedding fever, especially after just getting back from London last week. Kate is stunning. I can't wait to see what she'll wear to her wedding - a white fascinator, maybe?

bee.marie said...

I WANT ALL THOSE HAIR ACCESSORIES! Im such a sucker for obnoxious headbands.

Sherin said...

I love Kate. I'm so excited to see her dress for the wedding. All her fascinators and hats are gorgeous.

Gracey said...

She is sooo pretty. She definitely knows how to rock the head pieces :)


She is definitely becoming a style icon and knows how to work those hats! xo

Fashion Tales.... said...

She's so stunning. I am a true fan of hats! such beauty! :)

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