Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Latest Lust: Stylish Workout Gear

When I started work at my big girl job, I made it one of my goals to make good use out of the fitness facilities and work out everyday. It's nice to get some endorphins flowing at the end of the workday, and get in shape for whenever this fickle Wisconsin weather finally decides to warm up! Latest Lust: Cute Workout Gear
The other day I went out and bought a bunch of cute workout gear, because i'm a firm believer that you're more motivated when wearing something cute! I love this-- think it's so inspiring! I've also been checking out some fitness sites lately and here's a few links I'm loving!
  • In the Gym: Seriously awesome workout playlists to keep you goin!
  • Fitness apparel label, Lululemon's blog 
  • Self Magazine's a great resource for building a healthy lifestyle through diet/exercise
  • Fitness Mag's site has a fitness tracker, video workouts & nutritious recipes
  • Shape Magazine's site is perfect for weight loss tips and tricks.
My sister and I had a fun yoga session at the beach when I was home in December (one of those things I'll miss about living in Florida!). I love alternative workouts;I took a hula hoop class workout class today, as soon as it's warm enough I'll be hiking in the state park, & I'm hoping to get certified to teach Zumba!

Share your spring fitness secrets!
xoxo, Lauren


Magatha-May said...

I am lucky enough to have a great gym here in college. This spring is going to be about mixing it up - something different every day (with weekends off though). Going to cover some aerobics, pilates, BodyPump, Zumba and archery for the next few months.

Lindsay said...

I've heard such good things about luluemon...one of these day's I'll bite the bullet. So jealous that you have a gym at work. I can't wait for the warm weather either. Til then I'm sticking to P90x in my basement before work :)

Leia said...

Wow, Lauren! I am seriously impressed with all that you've been getting up to. How awesome that you'll be able to teach Zumba! I'm yet to take a Zumba class but I would really love to. I've been trying my best to get into shape too but sometimes it can be so hard to resist unhealthy food (e.g. just had pizza)! Thanks for all the inspiration. Will definitely be checking out the exercise playlists!

Sadie K said...

Loving this post, reading things like these really help to motivate me because sometimes I find it really hard to resist temptation. And with winter drawing to a close I won't be able to hide under baggy jumpers on "fat days" anymore. That'd be great if you become certified to teach Zumba, it's such a fun workout. Another form of exercise I love is Tae-Bo, really keeps you fit and works the whole body.

Marla Sternberg said...

I'm always trying to find cute but comfy gym clothes!! I love Lululemon but it's so expensive. These items are super cute!!


Anonymous said...

Love the blue tank top! Shopping for yoga gear is almost as good as the yoga itself :) And thanks for the great links!

Melissa said...

Love this! I completely agree with you :) You always feel better when you are dressed cute. Not to mention when I look like poo at the gym I can justify going home before I get a sufficient work out in because I want to leave before I see someone I know. PS. Target has really stinkin cute sports bras :)

sbot said...

So cute! And thats awesome you took a hoola hoop class, I would love to take one!

Thanks so much for your comment, check out my new post if you like : )




Blair said...

Clothes do help, also having a work out buddy. My best friend and I make time to go to the gym together, and then I can't not go.


Lauren said...

oooh i must check out that website - i am always looking for workout music that i really love. i love buying fun neon sports bras to work out in :)

Bostonista said...

Sooooo I don't work out but I'm craving stylish workout gear! I guess I think if I have it then I'll be motivated to work out. But I know I'd just lounge around in them.

Voe said...

Love this. I enjoy the gym but stuggle to keep myself looking stylish whilst working out.

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