Friday, April 15, 2011

Let's Get Away From it All

Don't get me wrong. I've loved spending my last 21 years living in Florida, but it's so huge, it's not very conducive to roadtripping to neighboring states. Now that I've been transplanted to middle America, I'm excited to explore the rest of the country. This summer's goign to call for plenty of spontaneous roadtrips, starting now!

You can't tell me these pictures don't make you want to hop into the car and go get lost somewhere;


I've also planned my ideal roadtrip outfit + essentials: comfy and cute!
What to Wear: on a Summer Roadtrip
Are you planning on taking any roadtrips this summer; where to??

xoxo, lauren


Laura said...

I'm road tripping this weekend to the beach! Can't wait. And there will definitely be starbucks and magazines involved. Now I just need a cute hat :) Where would you go on your road trip?

Melissa said...

I love this post! I wish I could get paid to be a professional road-tripper! I'm hoping to get a few more in this summer. You nailed the essentials :) & now I want Starbucks haha

BASIIK said...

I would love to do a roadtrip this summer. I live in the smallest state in the US so it shouldn't be hard!

Maggie @ CheapCollegeChic said...

i love the first pic! seriously describes how I feel right now with graduation approaching! where are you planning on visiting???

Sherin said...

I love long roadtrips. You're going to have so much fun. I've always wanted to do a drive around England, and discover small towns.

lisa said...

A road trip sounds fun!

the classic case said...

I'm going on a roadtrip through Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado next month and I couldn't be more excited! (Especially now, after seeing this!).

Maggie @ CheapCollegeChic said...

ps this made me think of you for this post :)

Leia said...

I love road-tripping! I'd love to go to the US and drive all over the place!


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