Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lovers and Nomads: Bec & Bridge

Australian fashion designers (and chic aussies as well) seem to have wearble but trendy style down to an art form. How awesome is this lookbook from duo, Bec and Bridge (Becky Cooper & Bridget Yorston)? Their collection titled, Lovers and Nomads is inspired by, “the eternal traveller, a globe trotter who loves to collect and salvage trinkets and treasures from their adventures".
Between the ombre purple hair, over the knee boots, tie dye, wrist full of bangles and that amazing dream catcher tunic, I'm pretty much obsessing over all that this lookbook contains. Here's a few pieces inspired by their collection of  too-cool looks.Lovers and Nomads
xoxo, lauren


fashion jewelry said...

This is a pose I had yet to see until today.
She exhales gold dust and other stuff,as far as I see.

Sadie K said...

Great collection, I absolutely love that dreamcather tunic and their hair! It's also making me wish my legs were long enough to pull off over the knee boots :)

Sherin said...

s collection. It's so pretty. All those clothes are gorgeous. That long sleeve tie die dress is stunning.

Melissa said...

I love this! Those over the knee boots are to die for

Lauren said...

her hair is my favorite! makes me wish i had platinum hair so i could do this!

maphi said...

woooow im in love with her hair !!! amazing xoxo

Gracey said...

Love the clothes, but her hair...oh my gosh! I might have to try something similar this summer (like i could pull that off...)

Vanessa said...

Her hair is awesome -- love the first outfit!

Silver Jewelry said...

It is stylish and fashionable in look.
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