Friday, April 1, 2011

Style Spotting in the Office

  One of my favorite parts of working in fashion is checking out everyone's outfits in the office. I'm continuously inspired by what people are wearing. It's so awesome working in such a creative environment filled with people who care about fashion as much as you do! The overall feel within our office is preppy with a trendy twist.
These are a few styles i've spotted on my coworkers lately that i'm loving:
Do you work in a creative workplace with inspiring coworkers-- what's their style?

xoxo, lauren


BASIIK said...

Oh the flats are so cute! I can't wait to be out of school & work in a fashion environment other than retail.

Anna said...

oh the skinny cargo pants! Awesome!

FloraH said...

i love the boots, and the scarf is so pretty!
Flora x

Looks and Books said...

Though I live and work in NYC, my co-workers tend to dress more on the casual side. I get more inspiration from what I see around the streets and on the subway, actually.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Jason Laucht said...

i love espandrillas. im glad summer is near ;))

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