Saturday, April 23, 2011

Try this Trend: Sassy Shorts

Denim shorts are a summer staple, but, lately shorts printed w/ everything from florals, to american flags, to dip-dyed fluoresecent shades have been popping up on the trend radar. While I oogled all the outfits from Coachella music festval, I couldn't help but notice all the awesome shorts the style makers were rockin.
Here are a few pairs of bold shorts to try out this trend:
Would you wear a pair of sassy shorts?

xoxo, lauren


Dara Adeeyo said...

Love it! Except my booty's too big. HAHA!

Anonymous said...

I feel like Dara, I really wish I could wear shorts more often but I just don't think they work for my latina bootie! =)

Maggie @ CheapCollegeChic said...

love the trend! ps i love those pink printed jcrew shorts. i featured them on my blog yesterday as well!

Anonymous said...

I love all those shorts! I'm definitely buying more printed, high waisted, and neon shorts!

Sherin said...

I will definitely be trying fun shorts for the summer. I love these colourful ones.

xo $ARMIN said...

Love photo #5, so would wear that.


Tяainwяeck Tяagedy said...

I've got a love affair going on with shorts right now, and the weather here at LSU is perfect for wearing shorts. I just bought some pretty printed floral ones from Delia's that I'm super eager to wear. What a great post!

Studying with Stilettos said...

i'm dying for some new fashionable shorts! thanks for the inspiration! xo

Emilie said...

wauw! I love this trend! I went shopping yesterday but I didn't see any of these shorts in the stores... I have to go back and look better because I want one!!! :)


Gracey said...

Wearing some right now! Love this trend :)

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