Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Any Excuse for a Fiesta!

I'm all for any excuse to have people over and entertain. I'm used to spending my Cinco de Mayo's in FL drinking coronas on an island and celebrating my best friend's birthday. My first May 5th as a working girl is going to be quite a bit different. Of course, I won't let that stop me from having tacos, strawberry margaritas, and chips & salsa for friends at my new house!
All these inspiration images are making me excited to break out my embroidered souvenir dress from Mexico for the occasion:
Are you doing anything to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?
xoxo, lauren

P.S. I'm dying to try out this Margarita cupcake recipe! How perfect?!


Studying with Stilettos said...

ah i love all of these looks and bright colors! i'm gonna celebrate cinco de mayo tomorrow as well :) xo

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures you chose! Awesome colours and fabrics. Also makes me want to eat Mexican food!! x

Anonymous said...

These photos you chose are gorgeous! And I agree, this Cinco de Mayo is going to be pretty low key for me, thanks to exams and my job lol

Olya said...

so colorful and vibrant!! I miss summer! when is this weather going to get warm?
xoxo, Olya

classic case said...

That first dress is gorgeous! My Cinco de Mayos in college were pretty epic and it makes me miss all that. This year will definitely low-key for me... maybe I should have a quesadilla do celebrate though? Ha.

E said...

Seriously amazing inspiration. For summer in general. I want to recreate the first look entirely.

Larissa said...

absolutely love ur post! eating delicious mexican food and celebrating =)

Wholesale fashion said...

absolutely love your post!

Sienna said...

i love that first blue dress, it is adorable!!!

Lauren said...

those cupcakes look sooo good! i LOVE mexican folk art and authentic clothing - i wish i owned one of those dresses!

FIDM Fashion Club said...

All of the bright, vibrant colors are great anything that mixes food and fashion is always a great thing in my book! BTW, I am loving the blue dress!

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