Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Parisian Chic: A Style Guide

I saw this excerpt from Parisan Chic: A Style Guide & instantly knew I needed to add it to my must-read list. I'm a sucker for coffee table books, french style, and fashion illustration so this couldn't be more perfect! The French have that je ne sais quoi ("I don't know what" in French) when it comes to fashion!
Here are some outfits inspired by the suggestions. I can't wait to try the unexpected pairings out for myself!
How To: Dress like a Parisian

What is your favorite tip on the list?

xoxo, lauren


Anonymous said...

I love these Parisian tips! So mismatched yet they work. Great post, thanks! x

MizzJ said...

I love how Parisians are so daring in their style! I think it could all be summed up in one tip: do the unexpected haha

25th Fabulous Street said...

Love 'how to dress like Parisians' <3

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Emilie said...

parisian style is the best of course, and I would know since I live there :D I love n° 9 and 7 :)


Lindsay said...

This is on my list to buy. Can't wait to her her take on things!

classic case said...

I've never been to Paris and despite that -- or maybe because of that -- I'm obsessed with Parisian style. I love the tip about wearing a sweet dress with biker boots and loafers with shorts? Brilliant.

BASIIK said...

Haha I did this exact post not too long ago! I love some of your choices.

Sadie K said...

Great post with great tips :) I love the mix of tough and glamorous, great to give an outfit a bit of an edge :)

Artfully Awear said...

I love all of these suggestions, especially gem-encrusted sandals with jeans!

Anonymous said...

I really love the colourful dress! I think it fits perfect in this summer season..

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Anonymous said...

Ankle boots that cut the line on bare legs are a no no for petite women

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