Thursday, June 16, 2011

"She is a Voracious Reader and a Fantastic Dancer.."


I saw this Kate Spade quote and couldn't get over exactly how much it sounded like me! I love the quotes Kate Spade put on the walls of their stores, the bottoms of their handbags, and engraved in their accessories, it really does add a special, thoughtful  touch!

These are a few pieces from their summer collection that I'm loving. So bright and colorful, without taking fashion too seriously!

Are you a Kate Spade girl too?

xoxo, lauren


Anonymous said...

love this quote, and that flamingo bag is amazing!


Faith J. said...

I am a Kate Spade girl, but not quite as girly as all her styles are. I have a handbag, and I really would love some KS shoes.

Ashley @ Apparel Addiction said...

I love that flamingo tote! I like the Kate Spade summer collection because it's girly and playful.

Bad Joan said...

Love Kate Spade! Great quote, thanks for sharing.

kimberly yang said...

I saw that too and was about to post it (great minds think a like!). Isn't it the cutest? I feel like it describes me in a nutshell.

Well okay maybeee I forget to call grandma sometimes. But she is overseas, and calling cards are expensive. Does that count as a viable excuse? (; xx

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Love Kate Spade and that quote is fabulous!

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LBD andPearls said...

Love this quote - wish she would put it an a tee shirt!

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