Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Hair Stylin

As crazy as it sounds for someone who spends to much time picking out clothes, I've always been one of those girls who is super low-maintenance with her hair. I'd rather air-dry than blow dry and become clueless when it comes to curling irons, BUT I've been making attempts to change that.

I've been super inspired by scouring tumblr and pintrest for pretty hairstyles and tutorials at the beauty department. These are a few of the ones I'm dying to try out. Seems to be that messy waves, fishtail braids, and big, teased hair are trending for summer!

These are some of the styles i'm loving via tumblr & Lauren Conrad's awesome beauty tutorial site, the beauty department:

My first step to Hairstyling 101 is a great blowdryer, Misikko sent me one of their best professional hair dryers, the HanaAir Premiere Hair Dryer and I couldn't believe what a huge difference it made in my hair! It dried it in a few minutes flat and frizz-less, which is a miracle for my super thick and wavy hair. I also applied Shine Shield Heat Protectant to keep my hair from gettting too dry. They also sell chi straighteners and titanium flat irons at their online store.

I'm SO excited to have some fun with my hair this summer and experiment with new hairstyles. Have you been wanting to try anything new with yours?

xoxo, lauren


Emilie said...

haha this all looks so easy 'just out of bed' but I bet every single pictures took hours to prepare the hair :p But I LOVE this messy style!



Sadie K said...

I love the beauty department, they have some great tutorials on there, I've not tried any of them out yet but they make them look pretty easy. At the minute I'm doing mine in a fishtail plait more often than not and I'm still trying to perfect the wave :)

Xoxo ☺ said...

Love all of them!! I have long hair and I always like trying new styles to it. xo

Sherin said...

My hair is always my favourite 'accessory', hehe. I love playing around with it. I'm always on the lookout for new hairstyles!

Petite Chic[k] said...

I love all the styles here, especially Blake Lively's! I'm just like you because I don't usually do much with my hair except straighten it but this summer I'm really loving the messy waves look since it goes with my natural texture.

Katherine said...

Gorgeous! I love these long styles for summer :)

M said...

You're just like me! I can spend hours picking out outfits (hmm, maybe not every day... but often enough) but am super low maintenance when it comes to hair. Air drying is my method of choice! I do think that helps making my hair look a little more beachy, since it has a tendency to be very flat and straight otherwise. I really wish I knew how to braid a fishtail in my own hair - love that look. :)

MizzJ said...

I'm just like you - I hate doing my hair!! Usually I don't bother b/c doing hair is super time consuming and hard when one has super slippery locks. Damn I so want beach waves and perfectly undone buns!! They make it look so easy, when really it's torture.

StyleMeBAD said...

I have the same issue, I have so much hair and I am so lazy when it comes to styling. I always see so many cute styles and want to try but never find myself doing them.

I recently started playing around w. a curling iron but my hectic schedule just doesnt leave room for hair styling..I prefer sleep haha

Glad I stopped by your blog!! :)

Linden said...

these are all so pretty! i especially love the messy bun look - i just haven't been able to master it with my curly hair yet!

oakley sunglasses said...

Thanks for your sharing.

Leia said...

I'm super low maintenance with my hair as well! Wash & air dry is exactly what I do. I love pretty hairstyles but don't have the time/patience/skill to indulge in hairstyling!


agenzie modelle said...

Totally awesome post! Excellent model photos and hair style! Bookmarked this one! I am sure fans must have got impressed with this post!

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