Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer To Do's

Normally, I hate to see a to-do list, but when it comes to a list of fun summer activites I see it as a welcome challenge. During my first summer as an official Wisconsin resident, I plan on taking full advantage of my new surroundings!
These are a few things on my Summer to-do List:

1. Go Camping

2.  Make Sangria

3. Float Down the River

4. Bake a Cake

5. Plant a Garden

6.  Take a Spontaneous Roadtrip

7. Visit a Vineyard

8. Buy a Hammock

9. Go Canoeing

10. Catch Fireflies

What's on your list of summer to-do's?

xoxo, lauren


Emilie said...

love the list!! I'll definately do everything, except go camping (I'm not that much of a camping person). Another to do with me is go sailing, make long horseback rides, drink a lot of cocktails with friends, go to the beachclub and enjoy every minute of the summer!! I love summer haha :)


Sherin said...

Sounds like the perfect summer to-do list. I want to do everything on it, especially taking a road trip!

classic case said...

I love love love all of these and pretty much want to do everything you listed. I also lazily want to lay out by my parents pool, visit an East Coast beach, ride rides at Coney Island, and drink wine outside on twinkle light covered patios. Sigh.

Cheers to summer! xo

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Wonderful to do list! All the ideas sound fun :)

Hallie said...

Love it! I want to go camping, too :) Any excuse to bust out the Minnetonka boots out of season!

Lindsay said...

Ahh I need to do this! What a perfect list. I'm hoping for lots of bbq's, pool time, and hopefully a vacation squeezed somewhere in there!

MizzJ said...

Except for the catching fireflies thing since I hate bugs, this sounds like an awesome list - can I borrow? hehe

Amy Creyer said...

Camping is at the top of my list. Can't wait for Fourth of July weekend!

Laura said...

Aw what a sweet post to remind us to take time to enjoy some outdoor adventures! I would love to get around to horseback riding this summer, and to a vineyard as well.

Allison said...

I love each and every thing on this list, Lauren! If you end up taking a spontaneous roadtrip to NYC, let me know, and we can meet up for cupcakes ;)
A trip to a vineyard is absolutely at the top of my list - such a fun idea! xox

Petite Chic[k] said...

I love camping, and I haven't gone in a while so I think I should make that part of my list. Spontaneous road trips are also fun! I want to explore my state and see things I've never seen and also redecorate my bedroom.

little moon lover said...

sangria is my favorite drink!
we dine with wine almost everyday in my house so sangria is often present as well, specially the weekends... that doesn't make us a family of alcoholics, right? haha ..stay cool!

Leia said...

What a great list of summer to-dos!


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Maren and Nancy said...

Thanks for the inspiration. Here's my list.

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