Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beat the Heat in Style

As a born & raised Floridian, I consider myself somewhat of an expert on beating the heat, in style! These are a few of my favorite ways to escape the hot, summer sun!

As much as I love my boots, sandals are a much better way to go when temperatures rise. I personally, forgo the rubber flip flop for something more stylish. I'm obsessed with this Fibi & Clo "Sea Star" pair, that's just as pretty as a pair of heels.
I recently bought a popsicle mold and already tried some pink lemonade pops. These striped popsicles from Martha Stewart are like tasty works of art!
Fishtail braids are by far the most stylish worry-free hairstyle that'll go from the beach to the bar.Taylor or Sterling Style has a great tutorial!
When it comes to summer, forgo the heavy foundation and just use a dusting of bronzer for a nice glow, Benefit's HOOLA, is my personal favorite!
What are your favorite ways to beat the heat?
xoxo, lauren


Sadie K said...

Love those fibi&clo sandals, they're so pretty :) I'm the same and don't own a single pair of flip flops :)

Mayana C. said...

I love fishtail braids! I always carry a hair tie in case my hair gets to frizzy or oily from the heat and throw my hair in one :)

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Homemade popsicles are so good, and I love doing fishtail braids!

Xoxo ☺ said...

I agree with the picks! popsicles yum!! and the braids are my favorite any day! xo


Amanda said...

I have yet to try a fishtail braid, but I can't wait to do so while wearing a super cute summer dress and sandals :)

stylemebad said...

Braids, a good toner, light foundation is a must, and comfy sandals- you release your body heat thru your feet and head so you cant cover them up!

CARRIE said...

I love the look of fishtail braids, too. Back in high school I used to braid all of my friends' hair in them before the first bell. :-)

Allison said...

I love fishtail braids -- I definitely need to learn how to do them to myself, because they look so chic and put together!
Love this post - I'm drooling over those delicious popsicles and definitely need to try to make my own!

Gracey said...

Definitely agree with the popsicles! They are the best in summer! And I do love the look of fishtail braids, I just can't seem to master it on myself.

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