Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the La Petite Fashionista Girl

I loved being able to use a few cheeky phrases to describe a brand, like Kate Spade & the Glitter Guide have done. I was inspired to write one that described me & the La Petite Fashionista girl. I think it pretty much sums me up in a nutshell :)

I'd love to hear your take on how you'd describe yourself!

xoxo, lauren


the funky fashionista said...

Hey Lauren!

I made a post with my own little cheeky phrases! It was super fun! You should check it out! I was inspired by your post.


Sarah @ Shades of Sarah said...

Aw, this is super cute! I'd have to think about this for myself. I guess I do have part of it: she paints her nails while watching football games :)

Sherin said...

Oooo, this is awesome. And describes you so well! Mine would probably consist of my love of shiny things and sneakers.

Kstylick said...

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