Sunday, September 18, 2011

How to: Look Cool in Camo

One of the most surprising looks I've seen worn by fashionistas lately is camo print jackets & pants. Living in Southwest Wisconsin, I'm more used to seeing camo-clad hunters wearing it. But, after J. Crew's Jenna Lyon's made it one of her wardrobe staples, the look seemed to have gained an instant cool factor. 
My advice for wearing camo in style, is to use it to give a dressy look a more casual, thrown-together feel. When paired with heels & polished accessories, no one will be asking you for your hunting permit!
how to: wear camo in style
I just bought a pair of pseudo camo (up close they're actually floral) printed pants from J. Crew this weekend, these looks are great examples of how to wear it:
I suppose one of the advantages to living in small town is having access to all the camo one could ever want. I might just have to go shopping w/ my guy friends!
Would you try out this tricky trend?
xoxo, lauren


t said...

Nice looks!

the funky fashionista said...
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the funky fashionista said...

I love camo! So cute! I want some camo skinny pants. I think they would look fab with a ruffled blouse!

Lindsay said...

I love camo jackets!


love camo! Loving that red dress you have in the collage too! xo

Kate said...

i always love the way Taylor from Sterling Style layers with her camo jacket.


Laura said...

I love atlantic-pacific's take on the trend!! but then again what doesn't the girl pull off?

Allison said...

I think that when this look works, it's perfect, but if not done well, it comes off looking like you're a wannabe hunter. Love the idea of pairing it with a bright colored skirt - definitely can't mistake that for a hunter! ;)

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