Saturday, October 15, 2011

All the Leaves are Brown

I spent the weekend in Milwaukee with my friend Jaclyn doing a little shopping downtown and some fall festivities. Here's my weekend in pictures!
The trees are starting to lose all their leaves!
A gorgeous gourd & bedazzled pumpkin display at Anthropologie
Feeling: stripes, chunky knits, cocoa bean brown & cotton candy pink
My tie-dye plates from Urban for my fall table setting
Feeling sparkly knits, bright tights, neon accessories & glitzy earrings
Hot Apple Cider from Apple Fest
Ghosty sugar cookies. CLASSIC.

What did you do this weekend?

xoxo, lauren


kaity said...

the title of this post has caused "California Dreamin'" to start playing in my head. it won't go away. I blame this all on you. ;]

on an unrelated note, I'm really loving colorful tights this season. in particular I really want a bright pink pair, but just haven't found the right one yet.

and Halloween cookies are awesome. :]

Sherin said...

I love the pictures of the Autumn leaves. They're my favourite bit about the season!

Marlee said...

Your pictures are so cute and classic! My weekend has been crazy busy, I was at my cousin's house then I had my school's homecoming dance. It was super fun though!

Allison said...

Love all these pictures, girl! Instagram pictures always look so amazing :) I love Anthropologie's decorations/store set up (probably more than I should - I'm there WAY too often!). And those cookies are so good - definitely perfect for setting the mood for fall :)
I spent my weekend writing lesson plans, eating the most amazing sushi, and surviving off of pumpkin spice lattes. Let's hope next weekend is more exciting?
Have a lovely week, my dear! xox

Blair said...

Ghost cookies are such a classic! I carved pumpkins, well mini pumpkins but still!


Nicole @ Giraffelegs said...

ohhh love the sparkle sweater!!! Reminds me of the holidays =) Is it too early to listen to Christmas music??

Ashley @ Apparel Addiction said...

I love the sparkly sweater, anything sparkly is amazing in my book :) I did a little shopping myself and enjoyed a Starbucks seasonal drink!

Kimberlee said...

I'm eating those ghost sugar cookies as I write this hehe

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