Thursday, October 6, 2011

KJP: Rewriting the Preppy Handbook

  As I was reading the new issue of my favorite, Matchbook Mag I stumbled upon the article on Kiel James Patrick, a New Englander entrepreneur who is bringing back preppy with his equally as beautiful girlfriend, Sarah Vickers. I then remembered that I posted about him a few years back on LPF!
 I love that K.J.P. makes all of his products in the USA & the whole Americana, classic prep lifestyle he's built between their blog, tumblr & online store.  I love the peeks inside their closets and home; these images are super inspiring:

I've also compiled my own checklist of preppy attire:
What's your favorite classic preppy piece?
xoxo, lauren


denver shopping said...

She classic dresser has a linear approach to fashion. She is one dimensional, conservative and her wardrobe is sturdy and reliable. When it comes to clothes, the classic dresser invests for the long haul. She goes for the timeless wardrobe and this includes her fashion accessories.

westofprep said...

I'm new to your blog, and getting to see KJP on the first post I read, hello soul sister! If I ever question what to wear, I find myself asking WWSVD? What would Sarah Vickers do, of course! She is like our East Coast Catherine in my mind, I'm in love!

Alicia said...

Now that I live on the east coast I'm totally smitten over more preppy looks - this line is styled so cute! Love the mixed plaid and polka dots especially. And I'm a huge Matchbook Mag fan too! :))

classic case said...

I haven't had a chance to read the latest issue of Matchbook yet, but this has got to be the best thing in the entire issue. I love the brand KJP, and this photoshoot is beyond dreamy. And, um, so is the designer -- how did I not know this?!

Leia said...

Preppy perfection! I love it!


ally lewis said...

your preppy looks are adorable for fall!
really enjoying your blog

Sherin said...

I'm in love with preppy this season. The collection looks so great and cool.

Christine said...

I love this style! I am dying to imitate!

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