Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pretty Pumpkins

 I don't know if its the crisp fall weather, or the changing leaf colors, or being away from home.. but I've made it my goal to make fall as festive as possible. This obviously includes some pumpkin carving. I tried my hand at carving a monogrammed L, and failed miserably..I'm pretty much the worst pumpkin carver ever. For round 2, I painted a pumpkin & realized it was much easier for me to get the stylish effect I was wanting.
These pumpkins are so inspiring and beautiful; nothing like a regular old jack o'lantern.
I also saw a lot of sparkly, pink, and preppy pumpkins trending. The monogrammed one on the bottom is my final success! I also crafted some gingham bows.
I have lots more stylish fall decorating ideas on my new pinterest board. If you have an account, make sure to follow me to check out my inspiration boards or leave yours in the comments!
Have you done any fall decorating yet?
xoxo, lauren


Diane said...

love these! so cute! i love the PINK!!!!!!!!!!!

Hotsy Malone said...

The white pumpkin with the black lace is my fav. Thanks for sharing these and don't worry...I'm useless when it comes to carving pumpkins as well, Great ideas in the head that just don't translate to the hands!

westofprep said...

I love painted pumpkins, they're adorable and eliminate the half finished pumpkins because the knife cut too far in so instead of an eye, you're left with a blob. Plus being in college I love how easy and inexpensive I can make this while still sticking to my style!

Shutterbug said...

what a great idea to do pink pumpkins! :D

Nicole @ Giraffelegs said...

ohhh love the button one!

Ashley @ Apparel Addiction said...

I love all the pink pumpkins! What a cool idea to paint instead of carve them!

Re-Lilly said...

The Lilly Pulitzer pumpkins are mine! So glad to see they are being "shared". I will be making more Lilly Pulitzer pumpkins this year, stop by the Re-Lilly Group Facebook page to check them out!

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