Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chilly Weather Chic

As tempting as it is to throw on leggings and a cozy sweater when it gets cold, I know I've got a LONG Wisconsin winter ahead of me. I'd like to use these stylish ladies as my inspiration when I'm trying to find the perfect balance of cozy, layered, and chic every day!
sweater layered over a maxi dress
pretty peacoats
duck boots & thick socks via daybook blog
 topknot & huge scarf
 white tights, lace  & shearling
 oversized scarf
 long coat &  desert boots
layers and plaid via atlantic-pacific

Which is your favorite winter look?

xoxo, lauren


Sherin said...

I'm definitely inspired to dress up more in the winter!! Love all these looks, especially the 3rd one.

Kate said...

I love the giant oversized scarf look.


Kelly said...

my favorite is the long peacoat over the shorter dress! Although I doubt i'll be seeing my peacoat anytime soon. Hello 80 degrees all week.

Its Mine I Made It said...

Loveee your picturess, its always fun to dress up in winter ,
i adore the large scarff in one of your pictures, you can also make your own scarfs, they come out very nice

Lau Caste said...

I love the outfit with the long skirt! I'm gonna try it with my sendra biker boots ^^ nice blog!

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