Monday, November 7, 2011

Entertaining 101: the Bar Cart

One of my latest entertaining obsessions is bar carts. I've been finding so many amazing ones on pinterest and I was so inspired that I decided to revamp an old boring bookcase into a colorful makeshift liquor cabinet.
The idea of a cart is much easier when entertaining because you can just move it to wherever you'd like, but I thought it turned out pretty cute. Society Social is my favorite for any entertaining related decor; absolutely inspirational, glamorous, and chic! Here is some more bar cart/liquor cabinet inspiration.

You can fill your cart with anything related to entertaining: cute cocktail napkins pretty glasses,colorful mixers, and kitschy items.

What would you put on your bar cart?

xoxo, lauren


Diane said...

now i'm thirsty. cheers!

Allison said...

I love everything about this post - especially since I just bought a table that I'm going to convert into a little bar! :) I love how creative you are - yours turned out so adorable! Mine will definitely be stocked with plenty of seltzer, since I drink way too many Grey Goose sodas ;)
Excellent post, dear! (P.S. Do you watch Sweet Home Alabama? Since you are my reality tv girl, I'm hoping that you do - it's so adorable!).

Shutterbug said...

I would totally fill it with fruity, girlie drinks!

Kate said...

I love that orange one!


Nicole @ Giraffelegs said...

aww it turned out so great!

Brónagh said...

I've been working on ideas for revamping my mini book case, I might do it up inspired by you liqour cabinet! Your cabinet turned out really great ;)

Please check out my blog,

Katy said...

OHHHH, new party idea for my potluck! Thanks!


alicia said...

you did a good job!

Clara Turbay said...

Love it all. Please take some time to check out

Lauren said...

i am pinning some of these images right now - so perfect!

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