Thursday, November 10, 2011

How to: Host a Wine Tasting Party

A couple of summers ago I spent a summer living with my cousin and her husband where I gained a new appreciation for wine. I loved taste testing different kinds, and learning what I liked best. One of my favorite ideas for a get-together is hosting a wine tasting party!

Each guest brings their own bottle of wine. The party essentials would include: 
  • A set of wine glasses
  • Wine charms to to keep track of your glass
  • Numbered bags to mask what each wine is
  • Using wine corks as placeholders at a table
  • A bite to eat to pair w/ each type of wine and cleanse the palate (how amazing is the image above?)
  • A chart to document the notes (tastes) and rate each wine you sample

    Give guests a proper wine tasting tutorial to complete the experience. This party's a great way to experiment with different wines and bring friends together. Not a fan of wine? Try a beer tasting or even dessert tasting!

    What ideas do you have for a soiree?

    xoxo, lauren


    FreelyCourageous said...

    Lauren I love your new page it looks great !

    Laura said...

    What a great idea for a party! Maybe for Valentine's Day I will host a girls wine night :)

    Cassandra said...

    i love the party ideas! great post :) your page looks awesome!

    Lauren said...

    love all these ideas - i would love to host one soon as well!

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