Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Let it Snow!

The Florida girl in me gets SO excited over snow. My fellow sconnies roll their eyes, but I'm excited to embrace my first full winter. When I woke up today, it was snowing. and then throughout the day it kept snowing.. and kept snowing.. and kept snowing. Before I knew it my backyard was transformed into a winter wonderland!

Striped Sweater: Forever 21
Chambray Shirt: Lands' End Canvas
Jeans: Marshalls
Cowboy Boots: Western Store

I was obviously under-dressed for the freezing temps (when will I learn to always add another layer??), but had to get my picture in the first snowfall of the season!
I'm not quite ready to swap my cowboy boots for snowboots, but I have officially packed away my summer clothes and traded for chunky sweaters, warm socks & colorful tights.
I'm also anxious to try this nutella hot chocolate recipe to keep me warm this winter!

Have you gotten snow yet this season where you live?

xoxo, lauren


Sarah @ Shades of Sarah said...

You look so cute in your cowboy boots! And it snowed in NYC before Halloween - it was crazy! It's back to being nice and autumnal here though, so I'm happy!

xo Sarah

Kate said...

You look so cute! I love that sweater. We got some snow in Rhode Island slightly before Halloween but it's been in the 60's these past couple of days. 15 degrees above average!


Leia said...

I've only seen snow a handful of times in my life so it really excites me, too! And you look absolutely adorable.

Sherin said...

YOU HAVE SNOW: I am so excited for you!! It's cold in London, but not snow cold yet! Love the boots.

the funky fashionista said...

You looks so cute in your outfit! Lovin the layers! You're so lucky you have snow! I want it to snow here!

Kelly said...

Holy crap I'm so jealous. so so jealous. Have a hot chocolate for me.

See you in December!

jas said...

cute outfit!

Kimberlee said...

That's so awesome you work for LE - they did a great job with the Canvas event! Yummm hot chocolate :)

alicia said...

pretty! and yes it snowed here in NYC in OCTOBER!

Nicole @ Giraffelegs said...

Love your outfit, and your new banner/background yayyy you go girl!

Fashionistas said...

I love her attire. Everything was just perfect for me.

Stefanie Grace said...

That recipe looks amazing! Can't wait to give it a go when I get back to UK! I'm moving back at Xmas to really make a go of this writing lark! Wish me luck! It probably will snow but I probably won't get excited about it... I'll be too busy missing the Costa Rican sunshine! :)

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