Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What Would Lemon Wear?

My weekly TV show nights are one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Every week my girlfriends and I get together to watch Gossip Girl & Hart of Dixie on Monday nights and Tuesdays we watch Sons of Anarchy with our guy friends. I knew I'd love Hart of Dixie from the first episode. I was a huge O.C. fan, so naturally I adore Rachel Bilson, combine that with small town Alabama & a dash of Southern charm and.. voila!

I've been enthralled with one of the character, Lemon Breeland's style. She is a southern belle to the core. Her style is timeless, feminine, and always polished. Above are a few of my favorite of her outfits.

What Would Lemon Wear?

Lemon's signature style consists of  a-line dresses, colorful cardigans, coordinating flats, silky printed blouses & a signature flower in her perfectly coiffed blonde hair. 

What are your weekly tv watching guilty pleasures?

xoxo, lauren


Laura said...

Isn't it funny how inspired we can be from TV shows?? Gossip Girl is definitely a guilty pleasure, and then How I Met Your Mother is just so funny that I can't resist a little 30 minute laugh-fest every week!

Shutterbug said...

I like watching Gossip Girl! The clothes are so fun!

Anonymous said...

Love love love <3 A

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to ask you if you happened to see the necklace Lemon was wearing on episode 7, at the turtle race. I am absolutely in love with it and I've been scouting the internet for comments on it and I can't find any. Do you know where it is sold or of any tutorials on how to make such a necklace? It is just so beautiful! My email is mayitav5@hotmail.com if you have time to answer me back. Thank you and I love your blog.

Kate said...

i love her little lemon blouse!

E said...

I haven't seen this but I love her style! So quintessentially southern!

DiscoRenata said...

never saw the show before, but I think Lemon is the cutest name!!!!! I'm storing that one for a puppy or a baby one day. Haha!

great blog!



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