Wednesday, February 22, 2012

At Home with LPF

Anyone who follows me on pinterest can see that I've been pinning home decor like a mad woman. Now that I've been in my place for a year, I'm anxious to switch up existing decor and add some new treasures. I wanted to show everyone some of the decor in my living room.

Here I am with my newly organized bookcase & mint sweater layered over a vintage gingham button down.

Lately I've been searching design blogs, etsy, ebay & making a shopping list for antique stores.  I'll be excited to share my decorating progress on LPF!

Valentine's Day lillies from my boyfriend, pretty new pillows from etsy & an old window display of Grace Kelly covering an entire wall.

A bookcase full of my favorite things; fashion books, pictures of family, high heels, shells & pretty prints // my diy-ed "L" from my creative bestie Kelly @ Hello Boudreau

Do you have pinterest? Send me your links! I love to see what's inspiring everyone else! (& add me!)

xoxo, lauren


Jelisaveta Djukanovic said...

Beautiful! :)

Kelly said...

AW the letter looks amazing! I'm glad you found it a spot :) The lilies Kyle bought you are beautiful. I love the little splash of pink around the room in various items!

P.S. forget the room, YOU look amazing!

Petite said...

Nice decor :)

Kristina said...

I love the "L" I've been looking at letter projects for my son's room!

Anonymous said...

I love the lillies! They're my favorite flowers :)


Sherin said...

Love your home d├ęcor. The large L looks so cool.

Nicole @ Giraffelegs said...

Love the decor!!! Aww and lillies!? Dig it way more than roses, so thoughtful.

the funky fashionista said...

I love your decor! You house seems so cute and fashionable just like you! BTW, I love the color mint!

Lauren said...

i am loving all the chevron! cant wait to see more of your abode!

Daynah said...

is this your house ? it is very beautyful!
i love your fashion blog its so cool
can you give me tips for my ?

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