Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DIY Watercolor Wall "Art"

This past weekend I was feeling extra ambitious and decided to break out the watercolors and acrylic paints. I've been super inspired by decor I've seen on pinterest and I always love the weekly watercolors by Caitlin McGauley on Matchbook Mag's blog. I am by no means a talented artist but I do like getting creative!

These are a couple of pieces I painted on canvas & in watercolor as I watched Mad Men and diy-ed my friday night away. 

this one was inspired by an abstract piece on pinterest, the colors are more pastel in real life!

this monogram chevron piece already found a place on my bedroom wall (it's actually more of a minty/peach combo)

this watercolor piece turned out really imperfect, but i think that's what i like about it :)

Have you every DIY-ed any wall art? It's crazy inexpensive! All you need is a couple of blank canvases, a set of brushes, and some acrylic paints in fun colors. Watercolors were fun too, I haven't done any since I was a little kid. My gramma always encouraged me to paint & be creative when I was growing up, I was always at her house doing arts and crafts!

I've always loved this quote below & image via matchbook mag.

Feeling Creative

What's your latest creative project?

xoxo, lauren


Kelly said...

I really like them Lauren! Gramma would be proud!! I like the colors your picked to use too :) xo

Kate said...

Wow, so cute - thinking I'll have to make use of your cute monogram idea! :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

i love these paintings you did and DIYing it on a Friday night with Mad Men in the background sounds like a perfect evening for sure. i love how your paintings turned out

Caitlin C. said...

These are gorgeous!! I'm very impressed! :)

Lauren said...

i love the first one you did! reminds me of a lot of paintings i have pinned!

Laura [Beauty & the Beard] said...

love love love the monogrammed one!!! so perfect!

DNA (designers+artists) said...

Love these prints, very creative!

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