Friday, April 13, 2012

Guide to: Bracelet Mixing

As I've said in my LPF mantra, I always have a wrist full of bracelets. It's kind of my thing. I usually wear a  watch mixed with bangles & some colorful bracelets but I like to switch it up all the time. Bracelet mixing can be tricky at times, though I'm here to de-mystify the "arm party" trend (thanks man repeller for coining!)
Guide to Bracelet Mixing
The trend is really about mixing and matching different materials, either matching back colors to your outfit or the other accessories is always a safe bet. It's all about self expression though so throw on all your bracelets and mix and match until you find a combination you love!

Are you a serial bracelet mixer yourself? I have my college roomie, Brooke to thank for starting me on the trend way back freshman year. I haven't gone back since!

What's your bracelet mixing style; trendy, classic, boho or a style all your own?

xoxo, lauren


Xoxo ☺ said...

Cute post doll! I actually love them all, but i like to wrar the most is dainty stuff but love mixing it up & make the creation all of my own. Xo

Demmy said...

Lovely post! The pics look really nice. I like your new blog look. xoxo Demmy

Sherin said...

I love having my arms full of bracelets and bangles. I need to mix and match a lot more though!

the funky fashionista said...

I haven't really tried bracelet mixing. I'm always scared that I'll look like I have too much on. Maybe I should give it another try?

Ashley @ Apparel Addiction said...

I also love wearing a million bracelets at once, but I haven't really tried mixing them up. I love the classic look the best though!

designchic said...

Love stacked bracelets and the traditional one is perfect for me!! Happy to find and follow your blog ~

Anonymous said...

Lauren, I love this post! It makes me want to go bracelet shopping :)


I.A.J said...

I love this look. I actually tried it today. Love your blog, too! -

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