Friday, April 20, 2012

Heart Sweater Love

I've always had a thing about hearts! Since I was a little girl I've always signed my name with a big heart after it (see my current signature for all my posts!). So when the J. Crew Heart Sweater came out this winter I of course needed to add it to my closet. As cheesy as it sounds, hearts just make me happy, and I love this peach/tangerine color combo.

Paired w/ baggy boyfriend jeans for a casual friday look

love this little quote right now!

a closeup w/ my bracelets and peach cocktail ring

i love the juxtposition of girly girl and tomboy!

My awesome parents gave me one of their cameras they rarely used (thank you!!!) so hopefully I'll be having some better pictures + more outfit pictures on the blog! I'm seriously the most awkward outfit picture taker ever. My neighbors always seem to be outside gawking at me like I'm a weirdo. 

So please, leave me your outfit picture taking tips y'all!

xoxo, lauren


Kate said...

that sweater is so cute! I was quite keen on the kelly green/navy blue version but never got around to snapping it up - glad you enjoy yours! :)

the funky fashionista said...

I love your sweater! I'm a sucker for anything with hearts. They are my favorite things to doodle on my papers when I'm bored in class.

Sherin said...

That sweater with the heart is so cute! Love how you paired it with the bf jeans too. And looking forward to more outfits!

Natalie said...

This sweater is one of my J. Crew favorites! Love it paired with the boyfriends jeans. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog -- loving yours. New follower!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Love your sweater!

Lindsay said...

Oh Lauren, you are too funny!

Glitterati said...

Great sweater :)

Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

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