Wednesday, April 25, 2012

LPF Cooks: Healthy Egg White Bites

As I've shared on LPF, I'm on a mission to learn how to cook/bake/entertain, become the hostess with the mostess. One of the biggest challenges for me is finding the time to whip up something that's healthy AND delicious, especially in the morning when I try to devote as much time as possible to sleeping + getting ready.

So, I plan on bringing you all more easy to recreate recipes that I've tested in my own kitchen!

These healthy egg white bites are simple to make, delicious, and HEALTHY (yay).

The best part, is these can be made with whatever's sitting in your fridge and make ahead of time and store in your fridge for breakfast!

Make sure to spray the muffin tin w/ cooking spray & you can also use regular eggs if you'd like!

I liked to experiment with different combos; turkey & feta, mozarella & basil, and kale & garlic cheddar. I also sprinkled some minced garlic in some, and a dash of salt & pepper in others.

Let cool & store extras (reheat for 30 sec in microwave after refrigerating) I'd like to add I tried to make these somewhat healthy, but you could also do a more decadent version (bacon & brie perhaps?)

I know there's a lot of busy fashionistas like myself out there who still want to take the time to make a homecooked meal! You can trust me when I'm saying I'm no cooking expert, so these will be easy for anyone!

What would you like to see more recipes for?  Healthy meals, Party Appetizers, Dinners, Desserts, etc? 

xoxo, lauren


Shutterbug said...

I love sweets, so I wouldn't mind seeing more dessert recipes! ;)

Leia said...

Haha, great minds think alike! These look so good and so easy, too. I think I've become pretty comfortable with making healthy meals at home (it's easier when you have to cook for someone else - you feel responsible for their health, so you avoid the instant noodles you might have made for yourself!) BUT I'm still a bit apprehensive about entertaining. I'm hosting my first lunch next week so let's see how it goes! And I can't wait to read more of your recipes.

Ashley Turner said...

Totally making these in the near future!

Anonymous said...

These look super delicious & easy! I'd definitely make these - without the turkey, though :)


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