Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Life is a Journey, Not a Destination"

There's just something about the summertime that makes you want to climb into the car, swoop up a friend, good playlist & map in tow and take a roadtrip. Although I don't think my boyfriend trusts me when it comes to navigating, I will happily choose the fun roadside attractions and catchy playlists.

These images all evoke the ideas of a perfect summer roadtrip; an open road, sunny skies & windows down. I think Emerson's quote truly says it best!

There's only so many radio stations you can flip through, and games of words with friends you can play before boredom inevitably sets in. Take advantage of some quality time in the car to get to know your friend or boyfriend a little better. 

These are some of my favorite roadtrip questions, but feel free to add your own!


I'm taking a little vacation over the 4th to my grandparents lake house to see family and get in some R&R. For once, I'm actually looking forward to the drive!

Leave your favorite roadtrip questions in the comments!

xoxo, lauren

Monday, June 25, 2012

Small Space Style: Modern Vintage

 For this weekend's photoshoot for La Petite Fashionista Magazine (!!), we met at my friend Victoria's place. She lives right on a lake in Madison and has incredible style. She has a knack for pairing unique pieces and making them look pulled together and chic. She is a whiz at navigating sample sites and finding affordable deals!

I had to snap a few pictures for the blog of her living room + kitchen area to show you how stylish a 450 sq. foot apartment can be!

union jack rug via // tweed couch// trunk as an end table // lamp from a 2nd hand store

neon pink baroque frame // old telephone nook as straightener holder// antlers for jewelry holder from urban outfitters

diy painted letter // floating bookshelves of vogue magazines & picture frames 

mannequin styled w/ cute spring outfit // pins in a map marking places traveled & red refurbished table // globe from an antique store

flowers in skinny vases with a lake view on a hazy summer day // ikea chandelier 

faux flowers in vintage-y vases to brighten up a kitchen table

Victoria was sweet enough to answer a few questions about her apartment & decorating tips for us:

where is your decor from, and how would you describe your interior design style?
It's a mixture of vintage, borrowed and new. In terms of my overall décor, I love mixing retro Mid Century Modern style pieces with more sleek modern ones. I don’t think you have to stick to only one style of décor, because it look too much like a museum if you’re doing all retro or too stuffy it’s all modern. You want it to be a welcoming space with personal touches that develop as you live there. I love adding pops of color, it makes the place feel alive when you’re stuck with white walls in a rental apartment.

what's your favorite piece in the living room/kitchen?
I really love my counter height kitchen table. There are so many things I can do with it, I will work on craft projects on it, or use it as a computer table, and of course eat from it! What I love the most though is being able to sit there and with a cup of coffee in the morning and overlook the view of the lake and capital. It also is where everyone in my apartment congregates so naturally I spend a lot of time around it.

Any advice for living in a small space?
Keep it clean! It’s amazing how little clutter it takes for a small place to look messy. Also, find cute storage that you can use for display as well, I don’t have a lot of room for furniture because the apartment is so small and too much will overwhelm a tiny space. So use the walls if you can (like the floating bookshelves or jewelry rack) or find decorative fabric boxes & storage coffee tables.  

Be on the lookout for an article from Victoria on secrets of eBay shopping in the first issue of LPF Mag!

xoxo, lauren

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Style Profile: Brittany of Steel Magnolias

Today I wanted to feature one of my favorite new style bloggers, Brittany of Steel Magnolias. This Texas girl has some serious style. I think I like it so much because it reminds me of myself, bright colors, lots of prints, and some statement accessories.  She was sweet enough to do a quick Q+A with me!

Brittany just started her blog back in May, but it's already hard for me to pick favorite outfits off her blog. You have to make sure to bookmark her blog + check them all out for yourself!

turquoise pants + chevron jacket? I think yes!

mixing prints

cute lace shorts!

very Lilly Pulitzer inspired

the hi-low hem & summer brights

I hope everyone stops by Brittany's blog and welcomes her to the blogging world! Keep looking for more style profiles to come in the future!

xoxo, lauren

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Dress Wishlist

Now that it's officially Summer, I've had dresses on the mind. I feel like I'm constantly finding the perfect happy hour/ wear-to-work/ summer festival dress and my wishlist keeps growing. I've been loving the dresses at Lulu's & Tobi because they're so colorful, affordable & chic!

These dresses are topping my wishlist right now:

Summer Dress Wishlist

Get the Look: Ocean View Yellow Halter Dress //  Coral & Ivory Striped Dress // Two Cute Colorblocked Dress // Crochet Day Blouse // Backless Neon Pink Dress // Everly Up or Down Chevron Dress // To Beach Her Own Purple Dress // Meet Me Halfway Dress

Help me ladies, because I'm terrible at making decisions! From the hi-low hems & cheveron stripes, to crochet & colorblocking I love them all. Which summery dresses are your favorite?

xoxo, lauren

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Inspired by: Creatures of the Wind for J. Crew's Psychedelic Oxfords

How can you not love these "psychedelic oxfords" from CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund runners-up, Creatures of the Wind's capsule collection for J. Crew? They're sparkly, they're colorful, and have a little bit of retro thrown in for good measure. I LOVE them!

I was totally inspired by the teal, yellow, and red-orange colorblocked combo paired with the gold glitter, and created this inspiration board based on these sassy shoes.

What's inspiring you today?

xoxo, lauren

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Boyfriend Approved Style

I always tell my boyfriend that one of the perks of dating me is free fashion advice ;) Luckily, he already has great style. I get quite a few requests for a feature on guy style; so here are a few of my (boyfriend approved) fashion picks; including some techy cool accessories.

1. Comfy Hoodie from American Eagle // 2. Nike Fuel Band // 3. Graphic Tee via Swell // 4. Jack Spade Wood iPhone Case // 5. Buckle Aiden Jeans // 6. Gap Bedford Shorts // 7. Prometheus (we just saw this & loved it!) // 8. Sperry Original Boat Shoe // 9. Forever 21 Aviator Sunglasses //  10. J. Crew Summerweight Plaid Shirt

As much as I try to use my fashion expertise to get him to try out the bowtie thing, he just won't give in. I love all of his picks; what is your favorite clothing item for guys? (I know some of my guy  readers would appreciate the advice!)

xoxo, lauren

Friday, June 15, 2012

Poolside Pretty

There are so so many things I love about my new apartment, but the best thing has to be the rooftop pool. I'm used to living in FL and growing up with everyone I knew having a pool in their backyard, but here they're a little harder to come by. 

There is nothing better on the weekend than lounging by the pool, drink in hand with a good book!
poolside pretty

get the look: Crochet Today Dress via 12 Saturdays // Turtle Earrings via Swell Caroline // L'Occitane Lip Balm // Essie "Cancun Coral" Polish //  Bobbi Brown "Beach" Perfume // Roxy Totally Beachin Towel //  ASOS Tropical Sandals // Sonoma Home Ombre Tumbler  // Coconut Naked Water Juice // Peacock Vix Bikini 

Hmmm, just looking at this blog post is making me want to make a trip to the pool.. What's your favorite way to spend a hot summer day?

xoxo, lauren

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Latest Lust: Trina Turk X Banana Republic

You know when you find one of those brands that you just identify with? That you know without a doubt that you'll love everything they make? Well, Trina Turk is that brand for me; we're kind of fashion soulmates. I'm obsessed with the bright prints and beachy feel of the brand.  

So, you can imagine how excited I was to hear that Trina Turk was partnering with Banana Republic this summer! You can even imagine how even more excited I was when they asked if I wanted to wear a piece from the line (in petites)! I love that the proportions are so perfect!

It was love at first sight when I saw this 60's style tunic dress. I'm so used to dresses being the wrong length of me because I'm a petite girl living in an average sized world, but this one fit perfectly. The sash was also perfect for a waist cinching my hourglass frame. 

I'm still settling into my new place, and the new commute. I admittedly kind of like starting my day off a little earlier to fire up my Keurig coffee maker and read some blogs. I also am loving my new walk-in-closet. My Trina Turk Swirl Tunic Dress is going to look so pretty in there!

These are some of my favorite picks from the Trina Turk x Banana Republic collection:

Latest Lust: Trina Turk x Banana Republic

There's so much to love from this collection, inspired by Palm Beach- from the printed maxis to tie blouses, enamel bangles, and sixties style chandelier earrings. Too cute!

xoxo, lauren

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Snapshots of Summer

Summer is in full swing here! My weekends have been packed with cookouts, craft beers, and all time with friends. There are too many pictures for one post, so I've combined some of the best snapshots.

My favorite lil sissy in town to help me move - playing hostess at a cookout; I made a tasty cocktail I named "Pineapple Dreamboat" with (pineapple juice, guava juice, cream of coconut & light rum) - Ian's Pizza, my favorite in madison; delicious flavors like bbq chicken ranch and mac & cheese - Colorful chairs at "the Union" - Garnet & Gold monogrammed koozie from etsy - Summery outfit for a waterfront music festival - beautiful canal in Madison - The boy & I at a summer festival - Wildflowers in a hip neighborhood - Arm Candy 

Whew! It's been a great summer already and it's only just begun! I look forward to many more summer festivals and afternoons by the pool.

xoxo, lauren

Friday, June 8, 2012

Latest Lust: Summery Prints from Society6

I recently discovered society6, a site for artists/illustrators to post their gorgeous work & us untalented people to buy it as a print/canvas/cellphone cover/apparel. At as little as $15, it's an incredibly affordable way to incorporate some unique art  print into your home!

I wanted to share with you a few that I absolutely love and want to put in my new place.


via Goldfish Kiss

via Jewelwing

via Bianca Green

via Tina Crespo

via Goldfish Kiss

via Basilique

The prints are so inexpensive that you could easily buy a bunch and switch them out in the frames whenever you want a new look! PLUS, you can support some independent artists. I love all of these for summertime (or a summer state of mind year round!)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Purple Pants & Lunch al Fresco

I've been taking advantage of lunch time to enjoy the sunshine & warm weather. The boy & I like to take our lunch to the park to eat on the picnic tables, throw around the football & relax! I asked him nicely to play photographer for me yesterday, because I'm kind of in love with these lavender pants (oh the poor guys  who date fashion bloggers!).

Since my move my sister has literally revamped my fridge replacing my mayo with veganaise & wheat bread w/ whole grain Ezekiel & beef w/ chicken burgers (just tried the Chipotle Lime Chicken Burger from Trader Joe's last night-- AMAZING!).  

So, I've been trying to bring some healthy lunches too! Today's was Sparkling Raspberry water, organic chicken salad w/ apples on a bed of spinach & lemon macadamia nut quinoa.

I'm not sporty at all, so for anyone who knows me, this picture is quite hilarious, but I like how genuinely happy & careefree I look :) I'm looking forward to many more summer lunches at the park!

How do you take advantage of summer during the work week?

xoxo, lauren

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Stylish Storage + Organized Closets

I spent my weekend moving and unpacking and have spent the last few days organizing, decorating, and detoxing my closet. Luckily my sister is an expert organizer and unpacker, she's great at making things look good, and helping me get rid of things she knows I won't wear (she knows me too well!). 

I have my first walk-in-closet of my life (i die.). It's a work in progress, but it's going to be my dream closet when it's all finished! I've been busy buying bins + boxes to organize, and have been happy with all the cute prints & colors in stores. I wanted to share some of my favorite stylish organizational pieces for your own spring cleaning.

I can't wait to show you my new place! I'm having fun decorating & having a new roomie (hi A!) and city life!

Thanks for being patient while I'm internet-less!

xoxo, lauren
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