Thursday, June 7, 2012

Purple Pants & Lunch al Fresco

I've been taking advantage of lunch time to enjoy the sunshine & warm weather. The boy & I like to take our lunch to the park to eat on the picnic tables, throw around the football & relax! I asked him nicely to play photographer for me yesterday, because I'm kind of in love with these lavender pants (oh the poor guys  who date fashion bloggers!).

Since my move my sister has literally revamped my fridge replacing my mayo with veganaise & wheat bread w/ whole grain Ezekiel & beef w/ chicken burgers (just tried the Chipotle Lime Chicken Burger from Trader Joe's last night-- AMAZING!).  

So, I've been trying to bring some healthy lunches too! Today's was Sparkling Raspberry water, organic chicken salad w/ apples on a bed of spinach & lemon macadamia nut quinoa.

I'm not sporty at all, so for anyone who knows me, this picture is quite hilarious, but I like how genuinely happy & careefree I look :) I'm looking forward to many more summer lunches at the park!

How do you take advantage of summer during the work week?

xoxo, lauren


Coral said...

Those pants are adorable and they're from Target?! I need to snag a pair!

Coral @

Sherin said...

Summer picnics in the park are the best! Sadly, summer has disappeared for us!
The purple jeans look great on you. They suit you so well!

Mugdha said...

Haha, I love that last one! You are precious. And A+ lavender pants, girl.

The Funky Fashionista said...

I love your lavender pants! I can't believe you got them at Target! That's quite a steal! I have been wanting a pair of colored denim for a while now.

alliefelix said...

Looks delish Lauren! And the purple pants are adorable

Caitlin C. said...

You are the cutest! Those purple pants are gorgeous.. I can't believe you found them at Target! And yay for healthy eating, it's been a goal of mine since the start of summer :)

Sarah @ Shades of Sarah said...

I love that picture with you and the football :) said...

very nice looking

Grace said...

That lunch looks so delicious! Especially when eating it on a pretty day. Love those purple pants. Can't believe they're from target!!

A Southern Drawl

Ana said...

You're the cutest! Your outfit screams spring and I love it. My name is Ana and I'm from, we just launched out Facebook and would love, love, love if you checked us out. We're a fun way to share outfit with your friends - and blog fans - where even more people can discover your fashion blog.

Stay in touch!

Matilda Smitherfizzle said...

I need to pick myself up a pair of lavender pants! It looks like you had a blast at the park!

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