Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Give Thanks!

I can hardly believe that it's already Thanksgiving! I am spending the day with my parents who are flying up from Florida & boyfriends family. I am looking forward to good food, good drinks & good company

I'm sharing some of my favorite thank you cards, for anyone you need to give thanks to! There is seriously few things more gratifying in this digital age than a handwritten note, and even as a social media buff I can admit that!

thank you very much

I love the cards from independent paper companies & DIY-ers , to the cute prints Target has had in their collections.  Thank you to all my wonderful readers for your endless support over the last five years of La Petite Fashionista!

xoxo, lauren


sarah said...

the first one and fourth one are really cute (:

Sherin said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Love all these Thank you cards.

Stefanie Grace said...

Happy Thanksgiving Lauren! Enjoy your day! Here inthe UK, I'm just in the office as usual... :)

Maya {CharminglyStyled} said...

I am borderline obsessed with stationary, so I'm loving all of these! I find myself spending way too much time in the stationary section of target - so I recognize a few of these :)


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