Monday, November 5, 2012

How to: Wear a Peplum Top

Until recently I had kind of sworn off peplum blouses as one of those trends I'd never be able to wear. It seemed impossible that a petite, curvy girl could rock a flouncy tank top. Lo and behold I tried one at Urban Outfitters the other weekend and was mesmerized by it's flattering powers and ended up adding one to my wardrobe. 

It's a surprisingly versatile style no matter what your body shape- keeping curves in check yet also giving the illusion of them for those lacking them. Win-Win!

If you're worried a peplum top won't look cute on you, I have a few no-fail tips for making it look cute on everyone. I love how trendy they look when paired with a skirt, but paired with dark denim it becomes an easy go-to look to try out this trend!

Have you tried out the peplum trend yet- how do you wear yours?

xoxo, lauren


Rachel said...

Peplum works on every body type- it's so weird! I'm petite but thin and it gives me curves that I wish I had! I love how you styled this.

Anonymous said...

I haven't tried it. But I love this look and now I think I will have to scout out a top for me!

Cotton said...

I've been so afraid of this trend for the same reason! I think the top might be more flattering than a peplum skirt, too! Something I will totally look into!

michele said...

love it. want the ensemble!


syaima.yunus said...

Would love to see how you rock peplum tops! I still dont think peplum is suitable for my chubby body type. Hmph :/

Laura Chan said...

I was on the same boat thinking that peplum wouldnt look great on me. But I see it everywhere and I couldnt help but to purchase one and see how it really looks... on me. And viola!, I love the peplum style and im looking to purchase more peplum tops.

My peplum top is a colorblock. The top is white and the ruffled part is black so I pair my peplum with a black pencil skirt with a pair of red hot shoes :)

Great post!

Maya {CharminglyStyled} said...

This look is so cute - I seriously need to get a peplum top, it's missing from my wardrobe (too bad it's already so cold!).


The Funky Fashionista said...

I just bought an adorable lace peplum blouse that I cant wait to wear.


Play Bingo said...

Hi Funky Fashionista! A lace peplum blouse is great! i want one too. I already have a pleplum dress but i also want a top because i want to work with this look!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Love this look!

Andreas Sundbom said...

looking great!

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