Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Try this Trend: Colorful Coats

Fun fact.. it SNOWED today in Wisconsin! Okay, so maybe it was just snow flurries, but enough to give a Florida girl a reality check that i's about to get cold! I've been on the hunt for some colorful & chic statement coats.

These are my favorite coats that cover every color of the in the spectrum!

Try this Trend: Colorful Coats

{Colorful Coat: get the look}: marigold // teal// purple// royal blue // red hot// kelly green // leopard // chartreuse // orange

Which is your favorite shade of these statement coats?
xoxo, lauren


Saucy Jocey's Kitchen said...

I'm obsessed with my kelly green coat! Now I just need a purple one...

Rachel said...

I have a magenta/bright pink one that I just adore! It makes winter a little more bearable. I love your picks, too- if only I needed a new winter coat!

Life Unsweetened

Cotton said...

Target has had some adorable patterned trench coats lately! I also love my classic red coat in the winter!

Joel Salmon said...

They really are, indeed, colorful! I bet my mom would love to have that teal-colored wrap coat. But she already has plenty of wrap coats. I may have to give her something like that leopard or that chartreuse-colored coat for her upcoming birthday. Hope she’ll like it! Crossing my fingers!

Joel Salmon

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