Thursday, November 29, 2012

Try this Trend: Faux Fur

One of the trends I've been spotting lately is faux fur- whether its a trim on a coat, infinity scarf form, or even a pop color earmuff. Now that I'm living in the frozen north, I like it for the warmth factor as well! I am especially loving how fresh the colorful faux fur is!

I've picked out a few key pieces for you to try out the trend yourself!

Try this Trend: Faux Fur

I had the chance to try out a pair of Hugrz boot wraps and they are my new favorite way to get more wear out of my boots this winter. Pair w/ a pair of high heeled or cushioned boots for a chic aspen snow bunny look!

I also have pulled together some of my favorite examples from the blogosphere of the faux fur trend for a little bit of inspiration on how to wear it! They can pull off the heavy faux fur coat and still make it look feminine and stylish.

via Mr. Newton 

 via pinterest

 via Impossibly Blonde

Would you try out the faux fur trend? If it's a little intimidating for you try it in small doses w/ a cozy pair of earmuffs or fur trimmed cardigan first! Personally, I'm on the hunt for a huge faux fur coat to keep me warm when we hit negative temperatures!

xoxo, lauren


Midnight Cowgirl said...

Those boot wraps are brilliant!

Hena Tayeb said...

love the first scarf

Katherine Nolden said...

Love faux fur! I wore a black faux fur vest from White House Black Market all winter in Minnesota last year! North Face has a great coat for negative temp with fur around the hood! It saved me during many snowstorms!

Sherin said...

I love faux fur. Such a perfect look for the winter.

natalienoods said...

My question is, what is your take on inherited fur? I was a staunch vegetarian for 4 years, and so my feelings are mixed--we own a few vintage furs from my grandmothers (mostly rabbit fur, I believe), and I can't imagine throwing them away. They are stunning and true heirlooms. But I feel funny wearing them. What do you think?

Cotton said...

I love the fur with the cocktail dress! I saw a similar piece at H&M last night and I am thinking i might just have to go back and get it now!

Also, don't forget to enter the giveaway happening on my page right now! :)

Rachel Jensen {Da Paura ♥} said...

LOVE the faux fur! Those boots are amazing!

smk053078 said...

Oh yeah, I am down with all the furry fur!!! Got my I need some boot covers and a jacket with a fur collar!!! LOVE!!!

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