Thursday, December 20, 2012

How to: Look Cute in Cold Weather

Today I experienced my first snow storm ever. Growing up in Florida i'm not versed in snowman building, shoveling, or winter dressing. So, it's been a whole new experience for me! The power went out for long periods of time, but I still managed to enjoy my first snow day!

enjoy hot apple cider at the local bar (the only place open within walking distance!)

I always see lot of stylish winter fashion inspiration, but rarely any for the really cold weather that we get in the Midwest and other parts of the country. So i've pulled together some of the pieces I think are essential to looking stylish in really cold weather and snow (it is possible)! I actually worked in outerwear merchandising for a year so I have some great background on the subject!

How to: Look Cute in Really Cold Weather
the essentials:
  • lightweight down jacket: these packable pieces, are great for layering and stowing away in a bag, but also offering maximum warmth while still lightweight.
  • cute boot socks: will keep tootsies warm & toasty in the snow or indoors
  • fur lined parka: these military style parkas are super warm, but stylish too with fur trim hoods and olive green
  • waterproof boots: these sorel snow boots were the best investment I made when I moved to the frozen tundra, they keep feet warm & dry, and are actually stylish too
  • down coat: when I first moved here, I insisted I would never buy a puffy down coat, but they are seriously the warmest thing you can wear- and you can find some flattering feminine fits
  • fleece lined tights: cold wind cuts through regular tights and leaves you freezing when you're wearing dresses & skirts, a fleece lined pair will keep you from shivering all night!
  • warm & toasty boots: everyone loves ugg boots because they keep feet so warm, but I hate wearing the same thing as everyone else-- these boots are a great update
  • chic knit hat: an accessory that is functional too, for keeping your ears warm!
  • colorful ski jacket: a ski jacket is a colorful layering piece on or off the slopes. choose a style that is "fully seam sealed" which means it is 100% waterproof, essential for wet snow
I've also pinned some of my favorite snowy weather appropriate looks from these stylish ladies

It's definitely all about layering when it comes to looking cute in cold weather! What are your essentials to staying warm, but looking stylish?

xoxo, lauren


Sherin said...

So jealous you have snow! We haven't had any here yet. I love how cute you look in the snow. And I love all the winter inspiration!

Rachel said...

You look so cute! What a fun idea for a post. I always feel like a marshmallow or the Michelin Tire Man with all my layers, but I still TRY to look cute!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Very cute!

The Funky Fashionista said...

You look so cute in your snowy weather attire! I definitely need to spice up my cold-weather look!

Your Southern Peach said...

I love this post! It was a high of 45 today in Atlanta so this is foreign territory for me. I think I need to invest in a few of these pieces. Happy Holidays!

Franziska said...

I love all of those looks - especially the leather jacket/grey hat&glove combo. Glad to see you survived your first snow storm. prepare for many more ;)

Lauren said...

a million thank yous for this post! i am clueless when it comes to dressing in the midwest - and i am plannng on moving there and visiting in janurary haha

Anonymous said...

thanks for share..

andrea chiu said...

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