Friday, February 8, 2013

What to Wear: Valentine's Day

Figuring out to wear on Valentine's Day should be easy right? Just throw on a little black dress and some high heels and you're good to go? I love the idea of stepping outside of the expected and sporting a little bit of color (pink, red & purple anyone?). 

I have some outfit ideas no matter what your Valentine's Day plans & perfect coordinating lipstick and nail polish pairings! It's a great opportunity to put in a little extra effort!

What to Wear: Valentine's Day

Get the Look: 

Dinner with a long term boyfriend? Try wearing a cinched waist dress in a pretty, feminine color and a bright colored polish. Girl's night?  Perfect time to break out all those man-repelling trends we love so much! ;) Going on your first couple of dates with a new man? Wear a figure flattering dress and a pair of bold heels!

I've also partnered again with Dianna at The Kitchen Prep to bring you a sweet V-Day treat-- these mouth watering boozy chocolate truffles (make them with your guy's favorite liquor)! Head on over to her blog to get the recipe!

Boozy Chocolate Truffles // The Kitchen Prep

How adorable would a DIY'd box of these chocolate truffles be for Valentine's Day?

What are your Valentine's Day plans?

xoxo, lauren


Rachel Lynne said...

Such cute outfits Lauren!!!!! Love the hot pink dress for a hot date night ;) Even though I've been dating my boyfriend for a couple years (well almost) I would probably still opt for this outfit! And I can see you LOVE all things Valentine's Day... and I LOVE THAT haha! I've been pinning your stuff like crazy!

Allison said...

Lauren, these outfits are perfect! I love dressing up and Valentine's Day is such a good excuse to put that EXTRA effort forth - especially since it's Edwin and my first Valentine's as a couple.
I love this holiday too - even when I was single, I was always a fan of Valentine's.
Also - omg! Totally making those truffles. Yum. I'm flying you out when I move, because you are just way too creative and I need your DIY/recipe gene haha.

Kayleigh said...

Lovely!! I especially like the first outfit, which is fitting since I do have a longterm BF! LOL Although I had a giggle at the second outfit where you mention wearing a statement necklace if you don't have a guy to question it - if my BF ever made a comment about my fashion choices that wasn't glowingly positive, I'd laugh at him and tell him to stop talking about things he knows nothing about! LOL Be brave girls - don't let your man dictate your fashion choices!

Ginny said...

All three looks are so cute! I really like the pink dress and all the accessories. Thanks for adding me to the Midwest Bloggers group!

The Funky Fashionista said...

All of these outfits are so cute! I love the Girls Night and Hot Date look the most and could totally see myself wearing something similar.


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