Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair

One of the hair accessory trends I've seen popping up all over the place from editorials, to music festivals, to weddings are floral crowns. I love these over the top floral crowns  paired back to ethereal white gowns & tousled hair.

Try this Trend: Floral Crowns
photos: 1 // 2 // 3// 4

The full floral crown look can be a little bit intimidating, but these are some equally as gorgeous, but less extreme options that I adore for their boho feel.

try this trend: floral crowns

Would you try out the floral crown trend? If so, which style is your favorite? I love the idea of sporting one for a bohemian wedding look!

P.S. Speaking of these lovely looks-  be sure to listen to the Lumineer's song: "flowers in your hair" 

xoxo, lauren


Rachel said...

I love floral crowns- I plan on making some of my own this spring/summer!

Demmy said...

Floral crowns are so beautiful and feminine. x

Sherin said...

I definitely want to try this over the summer!

Chica-Esperta said...

Oh my! I can't believe this is fashionable! It looks so cute and etheral now! I had to wear one for my first communion that I hated so bad about ten years ago!

Tallia said...

I am in love with the floral crowns now! I have one but I don't think ill ever wear it with an outfit haha

Marlen said...

i LOVE flower crowns- the bigger the better! i own like 4 of them,they're always the perfect touches to my outfit. but the ones you picked out is making me want to make some more, i just cant get enough =P

xo Marlen
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Leah B. said...

If you want a quirky twist on it, check out the ones Zoe makes at I'm not spamming or anything like that, I just found her a couple of days ago via Allie at Wardrobe Oxygen doing an interview with her. Chica is only 17 and does WICKED headbands, throws in random stuff like google eyes, plastic sharks, Barbie heads... it's ridiculous. I love her work.

Anonymous said...

What a lot of lovely things to look at Both your leather hobo bags are stunning in their own individual ways. What a lot of work went into both of them, your skills just keep getting better and better with everything you make.

Jenna said...

So srprised to see floral crowns coming back, this is a lovely trend.

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