Saturday, March 23, 2013

Latest Lust: Spring Sweaters

I am obsessed with lightweight/colorful spring sweaters right now. They're perfect for not-quite-warm-enough-to-wear-sundresses weather. On Friday I wore this lightweight marled yarn pastel sweater & paired with mint jeans, cheveron heels & some fun jewelry (can you tell i have a thing for pineapples yet? ;)

LPF Latest Lust: Spring Sweaters

I've selected a few of my favorite spring sweaters for those in similar situations as me- ready for spring, but the weather not cooperating- these will make the weather a bit more bearable.

latest lust: spring sweaters

Get the Look: Pink Cable Sweater // Zebra Sweater // Mint Shoulder Cutout Sweater // Pineapple Sweater // Colorblock Sweater // Striped Sweater

I love the colors, intarsia patterns, and peekaboo shoulders of these fine gauge lightweight sweaters. Pair with skinny jeans, a floaty skirt & tights, deliciate necklaces, and some statement earrings.

Which is your favorite spring sweater?

xoxo, lauren

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Anonymous said...

love love pink sweater

Sherin said...

I love colourful spring jumpers too. I've investing in a few this season. Love these selections.

Demmy said...

Amazing pictures. Definitely digging them but they're not weather appropriate in Nigeria. x

Camille said...

I really want a sweater that has shoulder cut-outs. I know a lot of people have them, but I just think that they are so cool!

BTW, I love your chevron heels! So cute!


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

The Zebra's and pineapples are great!!! :) haha

mQs said...

Love the pineapple necklace!

Chare Gaskell said...

hank you for your great post! Collection's Wholesale Sweaters with a sweet lolita coord, showing off the versatility of this style! This sweater comes with a side part with 'skin' and is pre-styled with lush waves and short bangs for a natural, beautiful overall look.

Jack Nami said...

Stylish, comfortable, reasonably priced. Material is in very good quality, I wear this when weather is good or not very cold, as you know the leather jackets are not good at keeping you warm, it just gives a nice style. Anyway, I am quite satisfied to get this at, the style I like and want.

Jackson Tremaine said...

bandaid shoulder seafoam green sweater is calling my name great for showing off non-tan line or perfect olive tan as if to hint at coming summer while clearly anchoring one's sensibility in the here now of spring but the cantaloupe-honeydew melon knit in the top photo is crunchy, too like an Kspade number I had some years back or was it Xpres I forget gorgeous sumptuous post

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