Friday, March 1, 2013

Warby Parker for Work/ for Play/ for Vacay

Today we have a guest post from our friends at Warby Parker! I am a huge fan of the way they've revolutionized shopping for glasses- allowing you try 5 affordable pairs at home to pick your favorite and their "buy a pair, give a pair" philanthropy project! I pulled together some outfits for any occasion wearing Warby Parker.
A truly stylish woman needs to dress appropriately for the activities of the day. A day at the office demands a different look than a day spent running errands or enjoying the great outdoors. Busy women might think it’s overwhelming to plan outfits around a day’s activities, but with the right wardrobe basics, a few accessories and a little organization, you can look great on any occasion.

Warby Parker for Every Occasion
Business Casual Dress
Few terms are more confusing than “business casual.” The key to ideal on-the-job fashion lies in understanding the merger of the terms “business” and “casual.” Faded denim and oversized t-shirts, while casual, don’t fit with business at the office. A power suit may be appropriate for some occasions, but it certainly isn’t casual. Instead, select wardrobe basics that are comfortable and functional but also help you maintain a sophisticated, professional appearance. Classic pencil skirts are ideal at the office and pair well with a button-down top featuring a jeweled collar. Since many offices tend to be a bit chilly, add a comfortable and utilitarian cardigan or trendy blazer. Accessorize with your favorite earrings and add a classic pair of eyeglasses

Daytime Casual Wear
On your day off, you’ll also want to wear casual apparel, but a day of running errands or catching up with your friends will require a different look from the one you sport at the office. Pick a favorite pair of colored skinny jeans to match a fitted tee. Add a cropped denim jacket in a contrasting color, and accessorize. A stack of bracelets and two or three vintage pendant necklaces in varying long lengths should do the trick. Grab a pair of bold-framed sunglasses and you’re set.

Thank you to Warby Parker for our guest post and HAPPY FRIDAY!

xoxo, lauren


Katie {Miss Dixie} said...

I don't know how I'd choose- I love them all. They are my favorites, just haven't had a chance to make them mine! The vacay look is pretty much perfect!

Rachel Lynne said...

Love all of these looks, and I've been to Warby Parker's site... they have some beautiful glasses!

Bostonista said...

LOOOOVE Warby Parker and all of their glasses. Not sure how I feel about their fashion choices for each pair though!


Meg {henninglove} said...

how cute are the warby parker and they are so versatile!! must find a pair for me to wear!

Allison said...

I LOVE Warby Parker - these are amazing! I definitely need to invest in a fun pair, especially seeing the different ways to style them :) xox

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