Sunday, April 21, 2013

Makeup Brush 101 // Makeup Organization

My sister Allie has always been the beauty queen. When I was in college, she'd come over and do my make-up and hair for me, and I'd help her pick out her outfit (a good trade I'd say!). Over the years I've started to learn my way around Sephora and my favorite beauty brands. 

Iconic beauty brand, Mary Kay sent me a set of their makeup brushes & brush cleaner to test out which makes me feel a bit more like a grown up than just using the freebies that come-along with make-up purchases. I think even my glamour goddess sister would be proud of me!

check out similar makeup organizers here

I even picked up this handy acrylic make-up organizer. it's perfect for storing some of my daily essentials on my bathroom counter for easy accessibility!

What's your daily beauty routine?

xoxo, lauren


Panty Buns said...

Your makeup came out looking very pretty. I like the makeup organizer idea. Will you be making and uploading another makeup tutorial video similar to the "Summer Hair & Makeup Tutorial" you did about a year ago to your YouTube channel?
My beauty routine? I avoid looking in mirrors in the morning and drink lots of coffee. The rest depends on whether I'm going to be seen by anybody :)

what to wear/ said...

Great tips!

Chica-Esperta said...

My make-up consists of a seldom used tinted moisturizer and everyday-wear brown eyeliner and mascara.
Most days I just moisturize and put on sunscreen before leaving home. If there's time I'll do my eyes, but keep them as natural as possible.
For special ocasions or parties I'll also do a brown toned smokey eye or paint my lips a pinkish red (both if I'm going all out, like for new year's)

And that's pretty much it! Any tips?

katie @ sappy and happy said...

Beautiful - I didn't even know Mary Kay did makeup brushes! I love their skincare stuff so I'm so intrigued!

Love your blog, sista!


Maya {CharminglyStyled} said...

Oh hay pretty thing! I'm in desperate need of new brushes {I'm so clueless I didn't even know you could wash them for years....yeah....}...thanks for the reminder!


Beeashley8 said...

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Au Revoir

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