Friday, May 17, 2013

5 Tips Every Blogger Should Know

I seriously can't believe I've been blogging at La Petite Fashionista for over six years, it never ceases to blow my mind! I'm thankful for all the readers who have followed me and supported  over the years and those who are brand new to my blog!

I've been getting a few questions lately on starting a blog/ driving traffic/ any helpful hints so I wanted 
to share a few of the helpful hints I've learned over the years! I feel like because I've watched the blogging world unfold over the years I learned everything the hard way- so I just hope these tips can benefit anyone!

5 Tips Every Blogger Should Know: helpful hints for new & old bloggers!

Here are five helpful hints whether you're considering starting a blog or a blogging veteran!

1.Starting a Blog: Choosing a name & niche for your blog is the most important step. Something that is easy to remember &  relates to you / the content is key. La Petite Fashionista specializes in affordable and inspiring fashion, design & DIY! Sign up with either blogger or wordpress for a free blog site, and register your domain on Go Daddy to stake your claim as your blog grows!
  • fun tip!: A great blog design keeps people checking out your blog for longer and more likely to save you to their bookmarks. Check out Pugly Pixel & Code It Pretty for DIY tutorials or hire a designer who understands your aesthetic and fits into your pricepoint- like Christine at Great Oak Circle!

2.  Utilize Social Media to Drive Traffic: Build social media sites under your blog name on twitter, pinterest, and facebook. Pinterest is one of the biggest ways people find my blog, so be sure to add a "pin it button" to your blog!
  • (fun tip!: before publishing a post right click on the image while in the "compose" mode and select properties. In the pop up screen you will see an area for "alt text". Fill in this box whatever you would want the text to read when someone pins it on pinterest, i.e. this image when pinned will say "5 Tips Every Blogger Should Know".

3. Engage With Readers & Other Bloggers: A lot of people start a blog and just expect the readers to come- but reading and commenting on other blogs, tweeting with other bloggers and brands and connecting with people is really what blogging is all about! You can also join a local blogging network (Midwesterners- be sure to join our newly launch Midwest Style Bloggers network!
  • (fun tip!: Join twitter chats/parties as an opportunity to "network" with other bloggers. One of my favorites is the Independent Fashion Bloggers weekly #StyleChat utilize the hashtag within your tweets to be a part of the conversation!)

4. Sign up for Goggle Analytics Account: This sounds super dorky, but  you have to sign up for a free google analytics account for tracking blog traffic I LOVE analyzing my traffic- where it's coming from/unique visitors/most popular content. You can use this information to know what readers are loving the most  to help guide what you write your posts about as well as how people are finding your happy little blog!
  • (fun tip!: One of the best parts about having google analytics is the ability to export information. You can use these key findings like "unique visitors" & "average monthly page views" to give insight to PR companies / brands that may want to advertise with you). 

5. Use Free Sites for Photo Editing & Graphic Design: I think one of the biggest misconceptions about blogging is that you have to have a professional DSLR camera, photoshop and a ton of graphic design skills to have a beautiful blog. In reality there are some great free services that allow you to edit photos, create collages of product and images - I love PicMonkey for photo editing & for photo collages
  • (fun tip!: A tip I do have to make blog pages feel more consistent and professional are to keep all images the same size and maintain the resolution. It will depend on the size of your layout, but, once you start an image size try to keep consistency within posts). 

Sorry for the longest blog post EVER- don't hesitate to ask me any questions in the comments or shoot me an email- and please share your insights as well!

xoxo, lauren


Petit Promise said...

This post was really helpful! Thank you :D x

Alexis (Stylish Gameday) said...

Great advice. Thanks!

Amanda said...

Great information! Thanks so much for sharing!

Chica-Esperta said...

Thank you for the tips!
You have already visited my blog and shown some love in the comments ( and I wanted to ask you: what did you like the least and how can I improve it?

Franziska said...

thanks for the photo renaming tip - I had no idea!!

Sherin said...

Great tips. Even as a long time blogger, it's good to remember some of these.

Alexis Marie said...

Great advice for new bloggers!

Alexis Marie

Anonymous said...

This is fab! Great guide! :)

Camille said...

These tips are so helpful! Hopefully one day I can be as successful as you in the blogger world! Thanks for these tips! :)


Heather Scoggins said...

Lol, I have a small confession to make, I log into Google Analytic's and watch the real time overview. It shows who is on the site, where the they came from, and what all they are looking at. It's my small guilty pleasure. Shhh. Lmao.

MeganJ said...

Wonderful tips! Thank you for sharing! I'm just starting off myself, so I can use all the help I can get:)

I was at the Verizon event in Chicago as a tag along and unfortunately did not get a chance to meet you, but happy I had the info to find your blog!

Love your style and posts<3 Look forward to following your blog!!


Hannah Merceanu said...

Great tips Lauren! Thanks! This post was very helpful.

-Hannah xx

Abigail said...

Thank you for the tips will definitely put to use all your tips:)

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