Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Domestic Goddess (in Training!)

I am seriously in love with this shopbop "Domestic Goddess" accessories editorial- and I think it's because it reminds me of me so much. Always completely overdressed in the kitchen with accessories galore (which is a terrible idea given my accident proneness). 

I am pretty proud of my journey to becoming a domestic goddess- though I'm nowhere near an expert in the kitchen, I thankfully have learned my way around (giving much credit to having my blog which has inspired me to cook + bake more often!). I really enjoy how gratifying a home cooked meal is! Domestic Goddess Accessories Editorial Domestic Goddess Accessories Editorial Domestic Goddess Accessories Editorial Domestic Goddess Accessories Editorial

One of the things I've enjoyed most in learning how to cook is finding cute kitchen accessories- from colorful measuring spoons to aprons to keep clothes clean and decorative pot holders! These simple pieces make me want to be in my kitchen even more!

Fashion Meets Function: Chic Kitchen Essentials

I had a heck of a time trying to pick out a Julia Child quote for this post. I didn't realize she was so quotable! Another one of my favorite quotes of hers- perfect for newbies in the kitchen like me is;

“This is my invariable advice to people: Learn how to cook- try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun!” 
― Julia ChildMy Life in France

What's your favorite meal/ baked good to whip up in the kitchen? (I'm a fan of some good southern comfort food- reminds me of home!)

xoxo, lauren


Sherin said...

I've just started baking and am having so much fun learning. I definitely need some of these accessories in my life.

Sarah Hartley said...

This makes me want to dress up in all my best jewelry and bake. Something I never, ever do. But if I was going to look that cute, why not?!

Saucy Jocey's Kitchen said...

Gah I just want to eat that kitchenaid mixer up! I love that apron too. You know how I love a fun bright apron :)

Kelsey said...

My favorite is probably just the classic chocolate chip cookies. The same recipe that my mom has always made, which happens to be the one on the Nestle chocolate chip package, but it always turns out great!

Chica-Esperta said...

I very often whip up 30 minute deserts to bring to potlucks and such. I've loved doing anything and everything in the kitchen since I was little.

Just a heads up. While it's fun to cook dressed up and it makes for great pictures, baking and rings don't go well together. If you need to cook after primping, take off your rings. They get dough in them and taint the taste of everything you touch. Stick to bracelets or earrings if you're getting dressed to cook at someone else's place at a party or something

To more fashion tips and asking fashion questions go to

Layne Dettor said...

I love Julia Child, she brings so much joy to cooking! My favorite thing to whip up is different kinds of omelets, coconut chocolate pancakes, healthy pancakes, peanut butter just name it!

Bridal lehenga said...

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chiara said...

The first quote says it all - the secret is in the ingredients! I have taken two cooking classes (one on bread one on fish) and both teachers both started explaining the importance of great ingredients.
I love making crostata, to eat for breakfast throught he whole week. And bread is a re-discovered passion

Zhenya H said...

Lauren, you should read Sophie Kinsella's Undomestic Goddess! That book is so funny, and so Brit!

look at this site said...

Looks great! I think it's realy tasty! I would like to try it

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