Saturday, May 4, 2013

Inspired by: the Great Gatsby

My inner literature nerd is absolutely geeking out over the new Great Gatsby film. I'm pretty sure it's the perfect combination of two of my favorite things- opulent twenties fashion & one of the most noted novels of all time. I even wrote a research paper in AP History about how fashion revolutionized the 1920's for women (say goodbye to corsets + hello to speakeasies and sassy drop waist dresses). 

I've found a few of my favorite pieces inspired by the F. Scott Fitzgerald book & new Baz Lurhmann production! I have a feeling the fashion will not disappoint in the new film.

Inspired by: The Great Gatsby

1920's fashion is known for art deco elements, drop waist dresses, fringe & beaded details and crystal jewelry. Wear these elements on their own to keep from feeling too flapper costume-y.

The costumes for the film look beautiful & the soundtrack in true Baz Lurhmann style should perfectly set the scene! Are you Planning on checking out the movie?

xoxo, lauren


Jodie Santer said...

These pieces are gorgeous! I can't wait to see the film but feel I really should read the book first.
Jodie xx
Future Freaks Me

Camille said...

I am so excited for the Great Gatsby movie! I read the book and it was really good! I love 1920s fashion! It is my favorite decade of fashion. I even did a research paper on it for one of my english classes.


Demmy said...

I really want to watch the movie, I've never read the book but I would love to. Great picks.Love the beaded dress. xx

Sarah Hartley said...

I'm totally obsessed with the second dress. So nice to meet you in person!

Sherin said...

I am so excited for the Great Gatsby film. This is gorgeous inspiration.

Lauren said...

so so so excited for this movie and soundtrack! so much eye candy :)

can't wait to hear about your chicago trip!

Rachel Lynne said...

Love that beautiful beaded dress... so dreamy!

Ruby Girl said...

love this, lauren! ever since downton, i've been ALL over the 20's ;-)

xoxo linds
my style blog :: Ruby Girl

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